Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wild West Buildings - Whitewash City

Ok, so maybe I'm a hopeless gaming maniac, but I do have a lot of fun.  I've been itchin' ta git some ol' west gamin' in fer quite a spell now, so here's I go.  Ok, enough of the silly redneck dialogue.
First things first, I'm going to need some appropriate terrain.  First stop on my travels was Whitewash City by Eric Hotz.  I've been eyeing these buildings for a long time and have just been looking for an excuse to get some.  The pioneer set which includes about a dozen buildings plus some extras is only 10.00 right now at the download places like RPG Now so I jumped on it.  I think it took me about 4 hours to put all these together but that was not constant time.  I just drop a little glue and walk away and do them at my leisure.  These Whitewash City buildings are pretty nice and they are actually quite easy to build.  I'd say they are definitely easier than a lot of the WWG stuff I have built.  And I'm not taking anything away from WWG, they still have the best stuff out there, they just don't have old west that I am aware of.  They really need to get in on this.
All of the buildings come with floor plans for all floors.  I agonized for quite some time on how I was going to approach the playability aspect of these puppies.  Normally, they build the buildings with the roofs affixed and then when you need to play inside you just pick up the entire building and use the floor plan.  After taking a vote with the family, they decided that we should be able to play the insides with the building in place as much as possible.  I even thought about double printing them and making the interior walls the same as the exterior but finally decided against it as it would take a lot more ink and time to build.  My friend Vampifan would certainly have done this and more, but I'm no Vampifan; just a nut who is impatient to start gaming.

Anyone who knows me, knows already that I am a huge Two Hour Wargames fan.  I've been reading the Six Gun Sound rules and they look really good and have me inspired to get this project into gaming mode ASAP.  They really lay out a lot of things in detail and are heavily campaign oriented.  Since I'm already very familiar with the Chain Reaction System in general I decided to stay the course.  I will hopefully have some Wild West batreps coming up in the near future. 

Have miniatures, will travel.


  1. They look pretty good, Willy. I've looked at these myself but have held back as I don't want to start a new project just yet. I will no doubt succumb and get back into Wild West gaming. WWG are working on a Wild West. I've seen one of the ground tiles for it and it looks beautiful. You can't beat WWG for textures. However, with them being such a small company with lots of other stuff on the go I can't see their Wild West set being released any time soon. As for Six Gun Sound, I've only just finished reading it and I was very impressed by its content. When I do get round to Wild West gaming these will be the rules I'll be using. The only Wild west rule system I've liked better is GURPS, just for its depth of detail. But for fast skirmish gaming SGS is the way to go. I'll be following this thread with keen interest.

  2. Wow! You've been kicking ass on these. "Draw, pard!"

  3. Ah, so there are maybe some plans for WWG to do these buildings then. That would be fantastic. I have plenty of time to wait, I have no shortage of projects!

    Jil, oil your guns and prepare to be bushwhacked!

  4. I like this stuff and have the freebie model, but would probably go for the Fat Dragon offerings at the moment...?