Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Marines go Nuts!

Just a few pics from a weekend Nuts! game.  I finally got a chance to try out my new Marines in a 1946 scenario and just wanted to see what they look like in photos.
My sniper with the scoped M1 was without a doubt the star of the game.  Combined with a high vantage point like this tower, this guy is a real pain in the arse.  Sucks that my photo turned out crappy.
Nuts! is a game that really takes advantage of elevation by the way.  It is all about field of fire.
Jil's Russians working overtime again.  I love these minis.
That sniper was really making his lads work hard for every inch of advance.  Lots of time spent ducking back.
And of course, there were some Zeds skulking about the place.
The Russkies bringing up a Maxim under fire.
Marines dealing with some arrant Zeds.  One thing I like about the Marines is they have shotguns available.
Russians playing leap frog.
The Russians run into a lone Brit paratrooper straggler courtesy of my Risk & Rewards cards from ATZ.
The paratrooper didn't hit anything with his spray and pray but he manages to scare off the Russians momentarily.
 Jil's Russians moving through his home made terrain.  It just looks so cool!
Speaking of being on the move, the Marines will need to scoot soon.  Zeds are becoming abundant.

I love my Marine sniper, that is for sure.


  1. Cool looking terrain, indeed! Figures look spot on, Willy. I am definitely going to have to get me a set of those Nuts! rules. I love how you are using the ATZ Risks and Rewards cards for your WWW2 games. I'd do the same myself!

  2. This terrain would be great for post-apocalypse scenarios, too. Everything is ready for After The Horsemen...

  3. That was absolutely a fun game. And this time, I'm putting that damned tower in the middle!!

  4. The terrain is compliments of Herrodadog. He's one of those styro geniuses that make me sick. The only redeeming thing is that he games with me otherwise I would have to hate him.