Sunday, August 29, 2010

Satrship Vertical Deckplan

My Son and I we were getting ready to play a skirmish on our new Starship Deckplan when my Daughter suggested that we go vertical instead of laying the different floors out to the sides.  She even suggested using skewers we use for grilling with.  So just for a test run we tried it out and I think I like the idea of laying the ships out vertically.  This is not the most stable solution, using the skewers that is, but I will probably make up some painted styrofoam supports to use in their place.
By laying the ships out vertically, you get a better impression of what the ship would look like in action.  When we have multiple ships performing boarding actions it will be a lot less confusing also.
I think I will bring the height of the decks down a little as well, just enough room to get my hands in confortably.


  1. Neat idea! How stable is that?

  2. The way it is now it would be possible to play, but if someone really gave it a good whack it might spell trouble. I'm planning to change that to some styro supports that are pinned in with pegs.

  3. I suggest light plastic minis if you keep it as shown above ;))

    Very nice!

  4. Your daughter is a genius! That looks awesome and really gets the feel of how it is suppose to look. Where did you get that deck plan and what is it based on?

  5. Brendan, I have a big gaming session planned this holiday weekend but next week I will hopefully get the permanent supports made. These are a product called Future Armada, you can find them on places like RPG Now for pdf download. There is pretty good offering from a company called Wrydaz you can find in the same places. If someone wanted to put in a little bit more work they could glue in vertical walls. I thought about this but finally decided against it as I am running out of storage room and laying these flat will help loads.