Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Smattering of Reinforcements

I finally got around to painting and basing more stuff.  I still had quite a bit of lead laying about which got sluffed off because we were gaming so much but with this bloody hot Summer I'm finding more time to work on minis.  Most of these are from the outstanding line of minis from Copplestone which is hands down my favorite mini maker.  The castings are great quality, and real fat and heavy plus he makes a nice assortment of all kinds of cool stuff.  That being said, my painting skills are far from being able to do his work justice, but they are certainly serviceable.
The Men in Black.  I love these guys!  Just think Mr. Smith from the Matrix.  I'd like to get more of these but Copplestone has a bunch of KGB types that I want to get first.  Men in Black can be used in all sorts of situations.
Here is Lieutenant Raynon D'Parade and his Elite squad of shotgun wielding enforcers.  Now I have even more firepower for my futuristic police force and plan on having a lot of fun with these bad boys.  I have already decided that Raynon is Rep 6 and his lads are all Rep 5 so look out bad guys!
More Gangers to add to my ever growing collection.  I love these Ganger types because they are so versatile and random looking. 
The Bikers.  I love these minis a lot as well.  As with my Gangers, I wait until we start playing to name the figures.  During play the minis always seem to name themselves.  This bunch looks like a bunch of really competent head bashers to me.
Desperados.  If these guys aren't up to no good, then I'm a monkey.  I don't see these vile types ever filling in as Survivors though.
A few more miscellaneous babes to add to my collection.  They make good cannon fodder for "whats inside" encounters.
 Here is a couple of stragglers from my Cold War minis.  This is another company I like a lot and where I got most of my Zeds from.  The castings are a bit thin but very creative.  You can tell right off that the lad on the left is from Texas by the number three on his shirt.

I've also managed to base a bunch of my clix figures which I will post soon.  I'm off to play some more Wings of War campaign at the University so the minis will have to wait!


  1. They're looking very good, Willy. Perfectly servicable for gaming.

    Say, what have you used to base all the non-Cold War minis? Coins, washers or something else?

  2. Those are washers. For the time being I am just putting a little sticker over the hole but I really need to get some sort of putty like you and Jil use. I know I am unimaginative but I kind of like the cement mix for flocking my modern stuff because they are so frequently on the pavement.

  3. do you know of any survivor or modern types that fit well whith the zombies from the bag o zombies there smaller than all the stuff anyone else has got theyre 20mm tall
    i got them for £3.00 for 100 at a bootsale so i couldnt say no

  4. damn accidently deleted comment put it back up and didnt realise i had forgotten to retype how amazing your models are there so damn good if i could paint like that i would be rich or at least have money to buy stuff.
    you got me into atz and im lovin it

  5. Sorry ZH, I have no idea. You're best bet is to go to Vampifans site and ask him, he is the most knowledgeable person I know on Zombies.

  6. Thanks ZH. If I am even partly responsible for your getting into ATZ I am a happy camper. I love this idiotic game so much.
    On the painting, trust me I suck. All my friends can paint so well but I have gotten over it. I just paint and sometimes it is ok, sometimes it is horrible, but at the end of the day once they are on the table and I am gaming I don't notice it too much anymore.

  7. all the models iv seen you paint are eccelent
    and getting me into the game was a great acheivment on your part i was just starting to hate games workshop and if it wasnt for you i would have lost all intrest in wargaming
    the 6mm grabed my atention (and caused me to splash out on irregular 6mm) and then atz
    now 'to vampifan'!!

  8. Willy these are great miniatures! My favourites are the bikers and the babes. What brand of colours do you use for skin? I am not fully happy with citadel, but Vallejo colours don't work for me.
    So, while I was happy to finish 1 (in words: one!) miniature over the weekend you added 29 miniatures to your collection...

    Whiteface / Oliver

  9. Whiteface,
    For the flesh I have been using the foundation paints from Games Workshop. I think they call it something like Tallern Flesh. I'm like you, I think the GW paints are ok, but I really like their foundation colors. They come in a set of something like 18 paints or so and most are quite useful. They cover very well with one coat usually. Vallejo has some good points but they are not as good as they are rated to be.

  10. Oh, ok, I do use Tallarn Flesh as well...and every Foundation Colour from the set that hasn't dried yet. So obviously you did a better job on shading / highlighting them.
    Did I mention that I have Citadel colours that are almost 20 yrs old? They are still usable (who needs pink anyway?). The colours in the new bottles are dead in a year.

    Whiteface / Oliver

  11. Hey LTL Dad, I finally got a chance to take a gander at your latest additions and they are AWESOME! MIBs, Survivors, Babes, Bikers, etc. are all looking cool. Great job and can't wait to game with them.