Saturday, August 28, 2010

Easy Reinforcements

I finally got around to basing some of my Horror Clix minis.  These minis are dirt cheap (I've scored these as low as .10 cents) and come painted and ready to go so they are a great way to get some extra Zeds on the table.  Some are really nice and some are not so great, but easy is easy.  In this batch, my favorite is the Zombie ventriloquist; hands down.  I just based a few more that I will post soon along with some additional clix minis that Vampifan sent to me.  So if you need some warm, dead bodies on the table fast, this is a great way to start.


  1. wow only 10 cents apice there worth it
    oh and i cant wait for your next batrep hopfully ltl mum will joi in then you cant lose

  2. Hey, Willy, congrats on finally getting round to basing these guys. They're looking good and are definitely a cheap and easy way to boost a horde. I'm glad you liked them and I look forward to seeing them in a batrep.

  3. @ZH - Nope, no way to lose. I haven't priced them lately but you could get some great deals on these things and I think they are still making the Horror Clix so they should be had reasonable still I would think.

    @Vamp - Thanks again for the minis and I will be posting the Vamps and Werewolves you sent soon. Our heavy gaming season is coming up soon and I'm trying to get all sorts of nutty stuff together.

  4. LMAO - these are great. I'm with you, prepainted figs are great b/c as much as I wanna paint everything who's got the time. Nothing else to say 'cept that: LET'S GET SOME ATZ going!!