Sunday, August 15, 2010

Styro Tunnels

Nick and his friend Gabe got a hold of my styrofoam cutters.  I save the better bits from packing boxes in hopes of putting some more terrain together but I have been moving very slow this Summer.  I guess the kids decided it was time to get moving.  They put together some makeshift tunnels and ran their own game of 5150 Aliens vs. the Predators in the 'ice caves'.
These big blocks make for some deep caves.
The cavern rooms have some interesting built in shapes.
They cut the connecting corridors where they are roughly modular.  I think they should seal these with a coat of paint and then dry brush some highlights.  They got a bunch of them, sounds like a good project to keep them out of my hair for a while.


  1. What a good idea! This definitely has possibilities and what a great source of cheap terrain. I look forward in seeing how this project develops.

  2. Definetely a nice idea!
    Your posts are always so inspiring (after one of your post -ww2 with Predator- we started adding a similar random event in our games... (a werewolf in one of the faction!)
    Thanks for keeping on sharing goodness!


  3. Thanks Lobo. I always like the "unknown". It keeps things a bit more exciting. We are about to try some new things with Nuts! I'll be sure to post.