Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why Some People Can't be Admirals

We tried out our first substantial fleet action today with our new rules set "It's Warm Work".  While I wouldn't exactly consider myself a land lubber as I have spent some time at sea and never get sick etc..  I know pretty much nothing about ships, and sailing ships especially.  However, incompetence has never stopped me before and I love looking at and gaming with little ships!  So here we go with a little batrep of our first larger game.
The miniatures are just the Wizards Pirates pocket models.
Another first today is my batrep format.  Some of the guys have been using a comic book format for their batreps and I have been intrigued and insanely jealous to boot.  So today I finally got off my arse and downloaded the trial to see how it goes.  Right off the bat I like the fact that I can get everything laid out and organized before posting.  If there are no unforeseen hiccups, I will probably go to this format for everything for an organizational tool if nothing else.


  1. Hahah, loved the format of the batrep, and the rep itself! Hilarious stuff, oh the poor English fleet with their - sorry about this - incompetent(ish) admiral.

    Definitely use this format more often!

  2. Ooh, comic book style! I love it! I had thought about doing my first batreps this way. Is there a free software for doing this?

    I know why the English lost the battle. The battleground wasn't up to standards for English lawn. ;o)

    Whiteface / Oliver

  3. What a hoot! Great stuff, Willy, and the comic book style works really well. As Mikko said, definitely do more batreps like this.

    Naval gaming in any period isn't my cup of tea, but when you post such amusing and interesting batreps like this then who cares? LTL Dad scores again... even if the final result didn't go his way!

  4. The Mind Behind "It is Warm Work"August 30, 2010 at 6:56 AM

    Loved the Batrep, it is great to see the rules being enjoyed.

  5. @Mikko - No worries, I said it first!

    @Whiteface - I knew someone was going to notice that green cloth. Nick was hogging the blue one with another game.

    @Vamp - I'll try it out on some Chain Reaction next and see how it looks.

    @The Mind - I love the rules. Is there a forum or group for these rules? Anyplace to ask a question about them?

  6. The comic format is really great for this. Like Vampy I'm not a big fan of this Naval stuff but reading your comic was really fun.

  7. Love the format. Inspiration for when I get around to a blog side.

  8. Like the above comment, love the format too!

  9. :D
    LTL Dad, thanx for hosting. It was loads of fun especially since the dice and wind gods were with me. I guess it helps to do a burnt offering before coming over to your house. I love that format!

  10. Arrgh, you were just a lucky sea dog matey! The next trip will see you in Davy Jones locker me laddie.

  11. Where did you get the comic book format from?


  12. It is from Comic Life.
    I'm trying it out right now, they have a demo period. I'm thinking seriously about getting it permanently as I do a lot of batreps and it is a great tool to organize with.