Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And Even More Reinforcements

In my crusade to get some loose ends finished up, here is my latest batch of easy reinforcements.
 Here are some Copplestone miniatures that I still had laying around.  Don't ask me why I didn't get these guys painted sooner as I like them.  A couple of these guys look suspiciously like Jules and Vincent from Pulp Fiction.  Especially Jules.
 Here are some more of the clix minis.  These are Vampire types, haven't quite figured out for sure yet.
 Some miscellaneous Werewolf types.  They are just in time too because Nick is going through a Werewolf phase at the moment.
Here are some random wierdos.  I like the guy with the huge hammer, I'm sure we'll be crossing paths at some point.


  1. Willy, the guy with the hammer that you like is a vampire strongman. The waitress next to him is also a vampire. However, there's no reason why you can't use them as humans. It's kind of neat that they're standing behind a vampire slayer (the girl with the mini crossbow and stake)!

    Say, if Nick is going through a werewolf phase, what do you do on the nights of a full moon?

  2. I wrap him in duct tape and lock him in the closet. At this point I usually take the opportunity to give him his flea bath.

  3. I am a great werewolves fan! Nice pics as usual!

  4. they all look great. the werewolf whith bra had me laughthing for ages.its always the little unexpected things that get ya

  5. Great stuff as usual. Thanx for posting b/c this is really getting me fired up to finish my painting (i.e. GIs) and blogging. Speaking of which, check out my latest post to see the progress of your GIs.

  6. "Say, if Nick is going through a werewolf phase, what do you do on the nights of a full moon"

    Something like this was my first thought too. :o)

    I like these Copplestone minis, but there's so much on my shopping list that it will take some time before I will get these.
    So, when will you start your first "Twilight" scenarios?

    Whiteface / Oliver

  7. Herro, they look great. I can't wait to use them to kick you're arse with.

    Whiteface, The Copplestones are fantastic figs. Nice and robust and easy to paint. Don't put them too far back on the burner!