Thursday, August 12, 2010

Black Tree Design Update 2

Once I resolved my initial snafu with BTD (which took two months) I decided to give them another try.  They do have nice figs at reasonable prices so I wanted to see if there was a possibility of keeping them as a vendor.  During this time I have managed to talk to John at BTD here in Texas several times and I like him.  He is courteous and was really trying to make things right.  I mentioned in a previous post that it seems that for some things he is dependent on the UK because he only has some of the molds here.  So I decided to test them out again.
This time I called John up ahead of time and talked to him before ordering.  I determined what they actually had in stock vs what they didn't.  I was after some really nice Polish WW2 minis that they make and he told me he had most of the molds for those bad boys so I ordered a few packs.
Since he told me up front that he had to cast them I was expecting it to take a while so boy was I surprised when they showed up like three days later.  The order was correct, the quality very good, and I am a happy camper.
I am beginning to suspect that the weakest link at BTD is the UK office since they never bothered to communicate with me during the initial trial.  I will use BTD here in Texas again, and I'd recommend getting into contact with John in Texas before you order.  For you UK guys, I am not sure what I think.

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  1. I agree, in my experience BTD have great miniatures, fantastic prices and abysmal service. John has been the only redeeming feature of what they call customer service but sadly it has taken around 2-3 months to get my orders.

    Every time I get an order I swear it will be my last but every now and then I find myself browsing their website.