Saturday, May 1, 2010

Adventures in the Lost Lands

Gee wiz!  It seems like ages since I've posted a rep.  Between being sick and long hours at work I have been reduced to a frazzle but I refuse to be kept down for too long.  Last night the kids and I dragged out the new copy of Lost Lands from Two Hour Wargames that has been sitting around here for about three weeks.  The first thing I noticed is that this is a very comprehensive rules set.  In fact, it is a little too comprehensive for my little brain to absorb too easily so it will be a learning process.  For our first try we decided to pit Dino vs natives in a scenario that my daughter created.
Enter the natives of the Parrot Clan.  We have come upon them during their daily worship ritual to the Sculpy Parrot God. 
Oh my!  All of a sudden a large Utah Raptor bursts from the forest and he's carrying a very large egg.  I wonder who he stole that from?  The raptor and the natives see each other at the same time.
The raptor immediately charges the natives!  The natives are caught flat footed!
A couple of natives get off a ranged attack as the raptor closes on one poor hapless native but their thrown weapons are ineffective.
The raptor chomps down and locks on to the unfortunate native warrior while his stunned friends just stand by and watch in horror.
The wounded body of the native drops to the ground OOF as the raptor starts to choose his next target.  He announces his victory to the world with loud growls and snarls.
The raptor celebrates a bit too long as the natives catch their snap and charge the raptor.  They have been enraged by the attack during their time of worship and their blood is up!
The ensuing melee is wild and furious.  The angry raptor forces back a couple of natives dropping them to the ground OOF, and he has locked on to another who is soon to be a lifeless hulk also.  But the rest of the clan is not deterred!  One crafty native manages to make a sneak attack from the side and with some incredibly lucky rolling (2 six's in a row on his damage roll) he gets in a mighty blow!
The raptor falls to the ground and quivers in a pool of blood!  That crafty warrior has saved the day!
Curiosity is too much for the surviving natives.  They go to investigate the huge egg that was dropped by the raptor.  What should they do with it?
After much debate they finally decide to carry it into their cave.  Hmmm, I wonder if this could come back to bite them?  We shall see in the next exciting episode of Adventures in the Lost Lands.



  1. Lego for gaming figures just makes so much sense. It would save on painting and everything. I really should go that route! :-) Great report by the way. It had me chuckling from the start.

  2. I love the THW rules just for this reason. It is so easy to dig around the house and throw anything out there and have a quick game on the spur of the moment. That sculpy parrot has got me thinking we can make our own creatures pretty easy too. The kids have hundreds of dollar store bugs, animals, and dinos laying around, may as well use them! I know a lot of historical gamers who think I am the great Satan.

  3. I love your "anything goes" attitude, Willy. This is gaming that sticks two fingers up to the snobby historical rules lawyers, who'd have a fit over your use of toys instead of "proper" figures. More power to your elbow and another great batrep!

  4. Dear LTL Dad, if you need help against evil historical gamers just give me a call!