Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lost Lands - The Saga of the Parrot Clan Continues

The kids are really geeking out with this Lost Lands game and I have to admit it is kind of fun.  Here are the further adventures of the Parrot Clan.
After some good hunting and some great munching, little Rex has grown up a bit.  He's now a size 4 dino and sporting a whopping 10 melee dice already.  The small Parrot Clan really loves their little Rexie.
One day a couple of Imperial British scouts come tromping up the path near the clan caves.
The clan members spot them right off and cautiously begin to approach.  Rexie is a bit more aggressive and advances with loud roars.  The scouts don't do so well on their insight test and are indecisive.
Discretion is the better part of valor and the scouts decide to run for it!
Rexie roars his intimidating war cry while the clan beats their shields.  The scouts keep running!
Rexie makes another charge but the scouts have disappeared into the wilderness.
A few days later everything is back to normal at the Parrot Clan home and everyone is kicking back in the sun.
An exploring officer appears up the road.  He is here to investigate the reports made by the scouts a few days before hand.
The clan members start to approach slowly but Rexie is not in the mood for intruders in his territory.  He immediately charges full speed at the exploring officer!
The officer holds his ground and fires his pistol at the small Rex but the fire is ineffective.
The Rex is a bit confused from his first confrontation with gunfire and the officer is determined to explore the area.  He shifts his position and fires again.  Once again he fails to hurt the Rex.
Rexie is really annoyed now and he charges the officer while the clansmen move up to support him.  The officer loses his nerve and boogies.
A couple of days later the Parrot Clan is out for a hunt when they run into some warriors from another clan.  Down Rexie down!  It is not so easy to restrain the little Rex these days.  After talking the talk the wayward warriors agree to join Parrot Clan.  This is a great boon as the tribes strength has been too low.
The newer, larger Parrot Clan heading up the trail back home.
What the hey!?!?  It is those darned nosey scouts again!  They are digging around the Parrot Clan caves!
They see the Parrot Clan coming up the path and being heavily outnumbered they start to move away.
That tears it, Rexie is really mad now.  This intrusion is too much.  He sounds a terrifying roar and charges the scouts.  The Parrot Clan follows as fast as they can using cover to conceal themselves as long as possible.
The scouts pop off some shots but their not scoring.  Bad news for them!
As Rexie charges in for the kill the scouts make their last desperate shots.. and miss!
Rexie locks onto one of the scouts and commences to tearing him to shreds.
One down, one to go.  But the scout NCO stays cool under pressure.
And pressure there is.  An angry Rex breathing down his neck and a small horde of natives charging in the distance.
The experienced scout NCO falls back to the cave entrance for cover and takes careful aim at the Rex.
And he scores a hit!  The wounded Rex shrieks in pain while the Parrot Clan comes racing to the aid of their beloved Rexie.  But they will never get there in time..
Because one seriously pissed off Rex has jumped on the last scout and locked onto him, flailing wildly.
The victorious Rex stand roaring over his latest kill while the rest of the clan investigates the bodies.
All hail the great Parrot who has smiled on our clan!  Now the clan owns two Martini Henry rifles and Rexie has his next meal.  Life is good.

When I first started this Lost Lands game with the kids I really had no idea where to go with it.  But a few random encounter rolls and the imagination of a nine year old girl and we got another saga going.  The only problem we've had so far is that the kids are arguing whether the Rex is a boy or a girl!


  1. Great. Your reports are making me chuckle. I look forward to the next episode of the Parrot Clan and Rex.

    Regarding the gender of the Tyrannosaur, that is easy. It must be male because you have stated that it is a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Were it female, then it would be a Tyrannosaurus Regina! Just tell the kids that it is a simple matter of Latin grammar and that they should go out and learn Latin if they want to disprove this assertion. I knew all those years of Latin would come in handy one day! ;-)

  2. Another great report and I really like the idea of using Lego as the cast. Cool!! The Napoleonic soldiers are brilliant.

  3. Did Rex eat the parrot-god's legs?

    I thought he had them in a previous post...

  4. Puds, you are certainly very observant! You are correct, someone ate the Parrots legs but I think it was probably Nick.

  5. Nope, your pics are just that darn good!

    As a guy with years of Play-doh eating experience, tell Nick it's never as tasty as it looks.