Thursday, May 20, 2010


I have been following Javier's blog for quite some time.  His gladiator batreps have been driving me crazy, I just couldn't stand it any more and just had to follow suit.  I acquired Red Sand Blue Sky by Two Hour Wargames (big surprise, huh?) and went straight to work learning the rules and play testing.  That's one of the reasons my blog has been a bit quiet lately.  Anyway, I love the rules set and am starting to enjoy the campaign play which so attracted me on Javier's site.  The only trouble was that I didn't have any gladiator figures and I was impatient to start.  In a moment of inspiration I remembered that Nick's Heroscape game had some gladiators.  I thought I'd post them in case someone else is looking for gladiators that are painted, based and ready to go right out of the box.  They really aren't half bad.
Before you guys pile on:  I know, I know!  That is my Egyptian temple entrance they are posing in.  But heck, Egyptus was a Roman province so why not.  Besides, it is the only thing I had handy besides a boring white table.  I have already ordered real miniatures and have plans going together to build a nice arena.  I usually don't do things in halves when I really like something and I think I will be taking the Gladiatorial thing to extremes.


  1. Those figures aren't half bad, Willy, and I really love your Egyptian temple. I seem to recall that in the film "Gladiator" Maximus began his gladiatorial career in Egypt under the tutelage of Oliver Reed, which makes your scenery highly appropriate.

  2. I think there are quite nice plastic gladiators in 1/72 scale too, I think they're from Caesar but I am not sure. Two sets of them IIRC.

    And Caesar miniatures are of pretty good quality (especially for the price) and the scale makes them very portable. Perfect for taking them with you when you're goint to be away from your usual gaming place :)

    I hope to pick them up when I only have some spare gaming time, as I am really missing my RSBS games...


  3. @ Vamp: Since I have so much Egyptian stuff already, I may make one whole arena set for that province anyway. It would be kinda cool to have different settings.

    @Mahon: I'm not familiar with those. Do you have a link?