Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Gaming

Happy Mother's Day everyone!  Why is it so happy?  Because I managed to get in some massive gaming with Jil today.  Fortunately for me, the best present I can usually give my Wife is to simply leave her alone and let her sleep.. This comes in mighty handy when you want to sneak in some gaming on days that might otherwise be taboo.  But I still had to get done in time to get to Mom's house before I got a beating.
We were originally going to do a set piece battle but after I discovered that I forgot a lot of my troops, plus almost all of my artillery, we decided a change of venue was in order.  We decided on a rear guard action where the Frogs are trying to bring the Brits to battle.  So we thought we'd play the table up the length but then we got lazy and Jil just deployed in wait.  This meant the Frogs would have to attack a narrow position with the Brits defending in depth, not a pretty proposition for my Frogs.  Oh well, at least I got a lot of them.
For this battle we are play testing at a scale of 10:1.  We just broke our 1:1 units down and turned single battalions into several battalions.  Outside of the large amount of highlanders present it works out well :)
Jil's Brits are deployed in depth all along the line.  I don't know what it is but my pictures never come out good in Napoleonic games.  They are fairly decent in the other things we play, I don't know why the colors never look right on 6mms in photos.
His 3rd Division waiting for the Frogs to come up.  He's got a heavy light cavalry screen out front to annoy me as I come up and deploy.
The Guards division is in reserve.  I hate those guys except when I'm playing the Brits.
Enter the Froggies.  Here are some of my brigades advancing on my right with loads of cavalry support in the distance.
On my left, my Frog cavalry is making an appearance in a convincing display of strength.  Chasseurs and Lanciers in the lead.
The French Heavies (cuirassier and dragons) in the center.
Now a horde of French appear in the center.
The British horse artillery opens fire.  In this game there are only a few horse guns on both sides.  Most of the artillery has been delayed on the poor roads.  (I forgot my artillery remember?)
The French line lumbers forward.
Now the French guns go into action and start to return the favor.
More French cavalry makes the scene.  Lads from the German division.
Cuirassiers coming up in support.
More horse artillery on the way courtesy of the German allies.
The Brits are cool as you please.  The reserves just sitting tight.
There is no room to maneuver in the French lines!
The Saxon heavies chomping at the bit.
The advance continues despite the rather heavy fire from the Brit horse artillery and all those damned green jackets with their rifles.  The infantry goes up with cavalry support.
The French cuirassiers trying to get into a support position while the infantry presses the attack.
Highlanders and foot await the infantry attack.  Heavy dragoon guards are coming up in the distance.

This is it for tonight.  I'll post more later this week.


  1. I'm not into historical wargaming, but let me say that your layout is really impressive!!!
    Very nice models and terrain!


  2. Thanks Andrea. I used to be a big historical guy until we started gaming all this other crazy stuff. I love historical but it is hard to find gamers who are fun to game with. Through the Two Hour Wargames crowd I've managed to hook up with a couple of like minded guys and am trying to get out all the old toys again.
    Keep an eye out, there is much more coming. You have only seen the tip of the iceberg on what we have for 6mm Nappies!

  3. i'll say! i was fortunate enough to play on this table and am looking forward to continuing the good fight against the cursed frogs!!

  4. Hey Willy, this is way too cool. That massed look of you troops is awesome!

    Sorry that I've been out of pocket over the weekends and the next one to come...


  5. Willy, can you change the page format -change it to the setting the does not confine you to a narrow text strip?