Friday, May 28, 2010

Planet Exploration 2

After successfully repelling the probe by the scouts of some unknown alien force, the Galactic Alliance officer reports the action to headquarters.  Upon informing HQ that he has secured two wounded prisoners he is told to bring up reinforcements and await an evac for the prisoners as they need to be interrogated immediately.

Upon gaining a safe position, the two scouts report in to their company HQ and convey the action and results.  They also report that they think a couple of squad members may still be alive and prisoners.

Within a couple of hours an Elite squad of Terminators supported by a Mech are in route and landing on the unexplored planet near the site of the previous action.  Their orders are to punish the alien force, secure the compound and anything of value, take prisoners if possible, rescue any prisoners that may be still alive and determine if they have been evacuated.  If not possible to rescue the prisoners and save them from enemy interrogation, they must kill their own scout prisoners.
Their guidance computers lead the Terminators to the compound flawlessly.  They immediately charge ahead in an attempt to catch the enemy by surprise.  The Galactic Alliance forces have not been idle.  They have been reinforced and built a laager around the compound.
The Alliance sentries are not sleeping!  They immediately open fire and even manage to temporarily stun the Mech!  The firefight begins.
Within moments heavy reinforcements are heading to the walls as the sentries are already starting to become overwhelmed by the quantity of fire coming from the Terminators.  This is completely different from their experience earlier with the scout snipers.
Some Alliance troopers begin to fall but they manage to begin suppressing the enemy in the woods.
But that doesn't last long.  The Mech makes a systems recovery and goes into action spreading death and destruction at an alarming rate.  Add to that the overwhelming fire from the Terminators and things are quickly going very badly for the Alliance troops.  They are pinned down and stunned all along the line by the ferocity of the assault.
To their credit, the Alliance troops bravely stand in and try to regain the initiative by returning fire convincingly, but it does seem hopeless.
The Empire Marines doggedly advance with weapons ablaze.  The assault slowly grinds everything in it's path to hamburger.
The fire is simply to harsh.  The Alliance pilots must give up hope of getting their TAC into the air and join the defense at the walls.
The Alliance defensive line is getting thin.
After completely suppressing the Alliance position, the Marines make an all out charge on the walls!  Some Alliance troopers now decide that it is hopeless and begin to surrender.  Those who do not, die.
An utterly successful mission for the Elite Marines.  They have captured the compound intact, recovered Sgt. Cyrus and the wounded scout, and taken a few prisoners to boot!  HQ will be very satisfied with this performance and the valuable prisoners will shed some light on the situation.  These unknown aliens will not remain mysterious for long.


  1. And gain alien technology as well. That TAC flier will come in useful to the Weapons Research department. (he he he) Unless it has a mini-nuke booby trap in it.

  2. Great report. Where did you get those walls. They are sweet looking!

  3. What a complete turnaround from the first game. The Marines sure kicked ass this time. Yet another great batrep, Willy!

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