Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What Really Worries Me..

My kids are still a bit worried about whether Zeds are real.  They are slowly getting over it but they still occasionally use the buddy system at night if they need to go outside or into a closet etc..
They really worry about Z-day and the coming epidemic.  I'm sure there are tons of people who have the same worries.  After all, there are tons of people who worry about UFOs and aliens, why not Zeds?  By the way, I myself believe in both Zeds and UFOs.

Making this observation I have started to have worries of my own.  What if Z-day really comes?  Living in Texas, a potential Z-day presents problems that most people across the country simply do not have to consider.  I mean, well, for instance, what if we run out of Zeds before I get my fair share?  I mean think about it.  I'd say at least 40 to 50% of the people I know are very similar in mindset to the Zombieland character Tallahassee.  Then at least another 10% or better are going to be way beyond that.  I mean way off the charts.  Now, to that you add the vast resources of destructive toys laying around in abundance in this State and you have some serious Zed killing competition.  Have you ever seen a parking lot in Texas?  It's 90% trucks of pick up size or larger, and usually larger.  Duallys and 4WDs are the norm.  Hunting and drinking beer is the national past time so there is no shortage of weapons or the inebriated state of mind particularly conducive for Zed hunting.  ATV's and chainsaws are pretty much house hold items as well which works out pretty good on Z-day.

With a shortage of Zeds, tempers are bound to flare and then who knows what kind of chaos will ensue.  So then it will just be a matter of time before the State government will probably step in and require Zed tags in order to boost their budgets.  They never miss an opportunity to do a money grab.

So in the end when the smoke clears, we will be left with a shortage of Zeds and higher taxes.  This is what I worry about the most when pondering Z-day.



  1. don't worry. you don't have any money to take. been spent on GAMES!!!!!

  2. Drinking beer while hunting Zombies will result in more Zombies!
    Yep, you get a Rep Bonus when checking for Wanting-To-Charge, Being-Charged or Man-Down test, but you will have to reduce Rep for In-Sight, Shooting, Fast-Move and Zed-Or-No-Zed tests. And Challenges. This wouldn't end well...

    Here in Germany we're pretty safe, as I am sure there is a law against Zeds running around and attacking people. We would probably call them vitally challenged people.

    Whiteface / Oliver

  3. this is pretty funny. love it, man. LMAO!!

  4. Are zombies real? Of course they are! Just watch the opening sequence of "Shaun of the Dead!" On any weekend evening and night in the UK you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference between humes and zeds, although the zeds are likely to be better behaved! Lol! I like your thinking, Willy!

  5. That is my favorite part of that movie. It is downright scary how true that is. Reminds me, I need to watch that again.