Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jasta 11 is Finally Complete!

When the pilots came out from breakfast the other morning they had a pleasant surprise.  There were two new aircraft parked in front of the hangar!
It took a while but I finally ran down the last couple of planes to complete my Jasta 11 squadron.  It is pretty much impossible to find Richtofen's DR.1 here in the States so I bumped one out of the UK.  While I was at it I aquired Udet's D.VII to complete my collection.
My friend in Dallas acquired the same planes so we should be burning them in soon against some of my Spad and Sopwith flyers.  We already managed to successfully play Wings of War online together via the use of a good web cam.  It went rather well which is good news for us since we cannot get together to game in person that often.
Aren't they simply beautiful? 


  1. Yes, they are beautiful! I love WW1 aircrafts. Does Wings of War have...blimps (is that the right word? You know, Zeppelin lighter-than-air...)?

    Whiteface / Oliver

  2. Yes they do! They have two so far. All the words you used are correct and also balloons and in the WoW game they are called Drachens. The WoW balloons are quite expensive even when you find a good sale however.

  3. Gaming with a webcam!?! That's inspiring. How did you accomplish that one?

  4. Brendan,
    I have a portable webcam from Logitech with a very good autofocus that I mounted on a mobile stand. The stand needs to be a bit heavy to prevent toppling. My buddy will plot his moves while I plot mine and then he calls out the maneuver card number to me for moving the planes. It is best to always put the card back in numerical sequence each planning phase as it keeps the game moving fast since you don't have to hunt for cards. It is really not much slower than playing in person.