Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SDS at Owl Con

We just had a local convention here in Houston called Owl Con.  I spent the first two days just goofing about and buying too much stuff.  The third day I ran games and decided to run Song of Drums and Shakos again as it is easy for new players to learn, and always good for some bloody action.  We pitted the Grasshoppers against their old friends the Legere, but this time they were introduced to a new foe; the French Dragoons that I recently painted up. The Dragoons made a god showing, especially in melee.  We played three games and a couple were cliffhangers, but in the end the Rifles carried the day in all games.  I attribute the Rifles new found success to the addition of Private Weeks of the Rifles.  Apparently his hands warmed up enough to fire three rounds a minute in any weather.  Here are a few snaps, sorry no batreps.
 The layout.  The Rifles are run to ground and holed up in a burnt out village within a wood.  The Frogs are coming tog et them out.  The Rifles deployed how they liked, and then the French could come in from any edge, in any division of forces they liked.
 Grasshoppers waiting to see what develops next.
 Froggies making an assault, catching some Rifles flat footed.
 Some of the assaults would stall out and turn into plinking matches.  Kelley had one Rifleman that earned his Chosen Man status this day.  The lad was steely-eyed and "in the zone".
 We saw a lot of sneaking about the corners in some very close firefights.
 The Legere can be pretty darned determined sometimes.

The games were darned bloody!


  1. Thanks again for running the game.

  2. Too bad I missed it. Maybe in April.

  3. That's a very good looking table you've got set up there. And here you are at another con. Man, I envy you!

  4. Thanks for dropping by everyone!

    Sean: Thanks for coming. I hope you make MagCon, and do you have any requests for game periods?

    Dale: I hope you can make it. I'm hoping to be ready for something super special by then.

    Dan: Thanks, I love it myself. I just wish I had some unruined buildings for the Peninsular.

    Bryan: If it makes you feel a little better, I am slam wore out. Hey, wait a minute! You are in the UK which is the Mecca for minis gaming! I wish I was over there!