Thursday, February 24, 2011

You Might be Crazy if..

A few months ago someone posted some shots of their work space which was really quite tidy.  This sparked a discussion of how it might be cool for everyone to post their work locations for fun.  I think Vampifan mentioned that he thought it would be fun to see what kind of deranged minds are out there.  Soooo, I was sitting at my table last night and thought I would take some snaps of my little corner of bliss.  I took these just as it was at the moment.
 An aerial view of the cockpit.  Right away an observant individual will perceive that I have a serious problem focusing on any one thing.
 Here is where I keep raw materials and tools.  The cabinets are full of all kinds of stuff.
 I stuff any available space with ongoing projects where I can keep an eye on it and jump on it when it strikes my fancy.  I keep my guitar close so that when I need a break I can stretch out the old fingers.
 A closer look at the table will review that there is always a lot going on.  Let's see here.. I can spot Vikings, a Viking long boat, Cowboys, Napoleonics, Space Marines, Little Fluffy Animals for my daughter..
 Paints, brushes, basing supplies, glues just sort of stack up over night.
This might look disorganized and a bit overwhelming to a novice, but trust me, there is a method to my madness!  I like fun.  In order to have fun, I like to do what I feel like at the moment which means I need to keep lots of different projects in front of me so I don't burn out.  I never get in a rush and focus on one thing because that always feels suspiciously like work.  I don't like work, I have to do enough of that at my job.  If I'm too tired to paint, I usually will still prep or prime something real quick so that it is done later when I'm up to the task.  I've found that if you do just a little something each evening, then things always seem to be coming together.  Anyway, this is my little corner of peace and quiet where no kids, Wives, or other forms of plague and pestilence are allowed.


  1. Nice set up you got there. Im in the middle of moving now but I'll put up some pics of my workspace on my blog once the move is complete.

  2. This is very cool, I think I will join in sometime soon. :)

  3. This is exactly what a gamer's table should look like! Of course it might look messy, but I bet you know where everything is and where it should be. There is method in our madness! Thanks for sharing, Willy, and you've reminded me I must take some photos of my own work table, along with photos of my bedroom aka gamers' paradise!