Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Angel Barracks Review

While I'm in the mood to review gaming products and vendors, it is high time I did one on some 6mm goodies.  Angel Barracks is another of my favorite internet shops.  The number one reason is the excellent customer service that Mike provides.  Anyone who knows me even a little, knows I won't buy from somebody with lousy service, regardless of how great their products may be.  The second reason is that Angel Barracks has a lot of cool stuff, including lots of interesting nick nacks all in one place, and it is easy to find, view, and shop for.  Oh, and prompt shipping!  No waiting forever to get your toys!
When I'm shopping, I want to see pictures, descriptions, and prices, and all this is easily found on the AB web site.  Angel Barracks has just recently brought in a new line of buildings which is outstanding.  Go have a look! I forgot to break out some stone fencing I obtained from AB, and my Windmill is not finished, but I will be featuring those in upcoming games.  I'll try to remember to point them out then.  Some of these items have already been featured in some of our games, but many of this is new.  I did not spend a whole lot of time painting these pieces, but I think it will give you a good idea of how it will look on your table without a lot of effort.
 The Spanish buildings are by Simply 6.  They are easy to paint and brush up quite well.
 I love the huge variety of accessories available.  It sure makes the scenery more interesting.  Here are some Irregular Miniatures sheep grazing away while a cart slowly trundles its way to market in the background.
 In the town center, instead of the typical ghost town found on most tables, we can see lots of civilians milling about and stopping to see what important person has arrived in the posh coach.
 In the background is some cast fencing and cattle by Irregular, and in the foreground we have the pig pens.  Looks like this little village would be a great place for some foraging.
 The hay field has stacks from both AB and Irregular.  The Irregulars are the smaller, multi-sized stacks.  The little hay carts are Irregular as well. 
 Here is a shot of an engineering camp close to a river.  These are nice useful tents by AB that can be used for a lot of periods.
 The HQ stand and the gabions are by Irregular.
 Most of this stuff is quick and easy to paint, yet adds a lot of extra detail to the table.
 The pontoon section is by Irregular.  I love this puppy!  Now it will be a lot harder for the enemy to guess where we will be making our crossing.


  1. That is some lovely stuff and I agree totally with you retailer rules.

  2. You have some lovely looking scenery there, Willy. I agree 100% with your rules about what makes a good retailer.

  3. Very nice modeling. I'm glad the Simply 6 buildings are being kept in production. Maybe one day I'll try 6mm.