Saturday, February 5, 2011

A New Home for the Parrot Tribe

We had a nice lazy day loafing around the house today and the kids wanted to play Adventures in Lost Lands.  It has been a while since we checked in with the Parrot Tribe so we thought we'd see what they were up to these days.  This is the next chapter in their saga which started out with their acquisition of a mysterious egg.  If your new, go back and read it from the beginning.  I read them today to catch up with the story and I thought the first couple were pretty amusing if I don't say so myself.  This nutty saga took some even stranger turns today.  The game today started with three random events in a row!  I've had people ask me if I just make all this junk up.  All story line events in our games are generated by random dice rolls.  I don't think anyone could make up idiocy like this on their own.  The dice Gods tell the tale if you let them.


  1. wow.
    Really it looks like a great "different" game... and the setup with lego characters and toys chatting with balloons is SO nice!
    love the parrot totem and the "strange monument"!
    another great and very creative batrep!

  2. Rexie's back! Yaay! Another one of your great off the wall batreps and another winner!

  3. Yet more brilliant stuff. I am so coming to live with you guys! You can keep me in the attic and feed me fish heads if you wish. I shall not mind as long as I get to play in your games. :-)

  4. Thanks guys. It's fun watching what the heck happens with the dice Gods. I was thinking to start doing Lost Lands with other minis, but nobody wants to stop using the legos.

    Come on down Ruarigh! I don't recommend the attic in a Texas Summer though!