Saturday, January 29, 2011


I guess it was inevitable, there was no use in trying to resist any longer.  With so many bad influences around the web, and the incessant propagation of all things Viking from Ruarigh, I have finally given in to the dark side and gone hog wild and purchased a bunch of Vikings from various companies.  Now I have yet another project to add to my insane gaming life. To be honest, I am really surprised it has taken me this long to take the plunge because I have always been a big fan of anything Viking.
I have started out by procuring a box of Gripping Beast Hirdmen, Wargames Factory Huscarls, and a smattering of Black Tree Design minis.  I also scored a Revell Germany 1:50 scale long boat and shield transfers from both Little Big Men Studios and Veni Vedi Vici.  I guess I don't do things in halves.  I am quite sure I will be reviewing all this stuff in the near future as well because there is a lot of information that would have been helpful to me when deciding how to jump in to this lake.
So far I have fully completed 10 Hirdmen and have 14 more figures and the long boat well under way.
So here's the first of the laddies!  These are all Gripping Beast Hirdmen.


  1. Very nice. You have reminded me that I still have a stash of 28mm Vikings to paint, and rather a lot of 15mm Vikings. I suppose I ought to get some 10mm, 40mm and 54mm Vikings just to round out the collection properly. Vikings are the one true way! :-)

  2. awww - these are so cool they almost bring tears of envy to these tired old eyes. great job and keep inspiring so when i finally get my wargames factory vikings i can start painting. i gotta lot of catching up to do.

  3. Very nice...the chainmail looks very good.

  4. Multiple projects syndrome? I have been regularly visiting websites of viking miniatures manufacturers for the last three weeks. Again...
    I do absolutely understand the attraction of those minis. Go berzerk!

    Whiteface / Oliver

  5. Very nicely done! What rules will you be using these with?

  6. Thanks everyone.

    Dan, for the time being I plan to use Song of Blades by Ganesha and Warrior Heroes/Swordplay by Two Hour Wargames depending on the size of the action and my mood. I am also considering using the Red Sand Blue Sky system for gladiators also by Two Hour Wargames like Javier does with his games. It is possible that I may hybrid something, I have been known to do that.

  7. very cool miniatures, wargame factory is a very good producer!