Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wings of War Squadrons

Our Wings of War WWI squadrons are looking pretty good these days.  We were supposed to be gaming Jil's campaign last weekend but instead we just screwed around and played with the toys.  I am now up to date with all the miniatures available up to this point.  The only ones that didn't make the photos are the balloons and the two planes with those sets.  Yes, I know this is totally insane but I love these little guys and simply cannot help myself.


  1. Very Cool!!! Where did you get the buildings from?

  2. Graham,
    They are free downloads and you print them and build them. Nothing cooler than having a home for your little planes.
    Check out his entire site while you are there. It is incredible.

  3. I may repeat myself, but gaming dogfights with WWI airplanes is so awesome!
    Great choice for an insanity.

    Whiteface / Oliver

  4. That's an impressive array of aircraft and buildings you have there, Willy. For the main hangar, did you make two, one for each side, or just make one and swap the signs around?

  5. Thanks for that. Some very cool stuff there. Snagged the different hanger types for WWI.

  6. Hi guys!
    Whiteface: I would get these even if I didn't game them. I love biplanes and I don't have to paint these. Also, I've always scored these cheap. I could never have done this at retail.

    Vamp: You steely eyed missile man you! You got me, one hangar, two signs. I do want to make different hangars some time though.

    Lobo: Thanks, I do like it.

    Graham: It is great stuff. The hangar roof is a bit tricky, but take your time and it will work out.