Monday, January 24, 2011

Perry French Dragoon Review

I've been real busy lately so my internet time has been down but I have managed to get some time to work on various projects I've been wanting to do.  The universal wargamer disease; too many projects, too little time.
I love the SDS skirmish game and had my eyes on these Perry French Dragoons for some time now.  I finally bit the bullet and had a go.  These are my first Perry miniatures ever.
My first impression out of the box is that these hard plastics are very detailed and clean.  There were no issues of having to clean up a bunch of sprue mess.  So right away I pulled all the dismounted lads out and started assembling.  The set comes with 8 dismounted troopers, something like 14 mounted, and then there are a few casualty figures.  The parts make for a very versatile set.
I used Testors glue especially made for plastics and assembling was really not as bad as I was expecting.  Just hold the part in place for a couple of seconds and it sticks, then set it off to dry and set.  So far so good. 
My spray flat black primer had no problem reaching all the little crevices, so that went well.  Then I just sat down and painted them all in one evening.  I know how to dry brush, but I hate doing it, so I decided to go with my simple wash method on these the way I do most of my minis.  I have made up several different wash colors using inks and pigments.  For a quick one evening paint job, I think these lads came out pretty darned good.  I;m happy, so that is what counts.
Once I finished however, I noticed something.  I got to thinking that these guys looked very large so I fished out some other figures I had handy and lined them up.  It does look like the Perry minis are slightly taller, and quite a bit more robust than many of the other "28mm" minis out there.  For me, this is not an issue, but for someone who is pickier, it would pay to plan ahead when procuring miniatures.  I have several other projects nearing completion which I will be posting soon.  Here are some pics!


  1. Willy,

    The Dragoons are 'breath taking' (read like Dr. Evil)! Truly, they are beautiful and great job on the painting so I don't wanna hear anymore of your self criticism regarding your painting. I also like that two axe Hirdman.

    Keep it up!

  2. I just noticed a typo! According to me, the Hirdman is made by "Griping Beast". Ha ha ha. What an idiot.

  3. Nicely painted soldiers! I think your blog is hilarious especially regarding the comic below!

  4. Awesome dude, good job! After OwlCon we need to game these guys to death. :)

  5. What the heck you talking about Justo!?!? I'm going to game these guys to death AT Owlcon!

  6. Thanks Bartender. We aren't very focused, but we definitely game to have fun!

  7. The manufacture of plastic figures has come a long way since I was a young 'un. These are very nice, Willy, and your paintjobs highly commendable.

  8. Beautifully painted these Dragoons look the biz, well done mate.