Friday, April 9, 2010

WOW Hangar Cont.

I got  few more airplanes together and managed to get that wind sock put up.  Now I just got to get to work on my Allied airfield.
Lazy day at Jasta 11.  These guys should be out hunting.  I think they are kinda scared because of all the Camels I've added to my collection recently.
I'm really excited about adding scouts to my collection like these Rolands.  It should make for some great escort and intercept scenarios.
German fighters are just so much fun.  All the pretty colors..
There is one more thing missing.  I need a truck or two so that the pilots can run out to look at crashes.  I'm always reading about how they would run out to take a look at planes that went down over their lines.
Yep, that wind sock was a must have.


  1. Looking very well indeed!
    I'm not sure about the trucks
    I was looking for some World War One era trucks myself recently, but I eventually settled for some interwar Soviet knock-offs of American trucks.
    Have a look over here for some of them:
    Leave a comment over there if you want me to track down where I got the vehicles

  2. Excellent set-up and WoW is a great game. It's another one that I really should play more.

    My favourite story about pilots in WW1 is an allied pilot (I think he was French) who barricaded himself in the basement of a pub with the German pilot he shot down and held off all comers while they drank all the wine.

  3. @Donogh: I tried to leave a reply on your blog but am not sure if it took. I love the Rep, dinos, marines, airplanes, excellent. I'm following your blog now so I can keep an eye out.

    @Ruarigh: I can just see that happening. It is fun to read about all the crazy things some of those guys did.

  4. beautiful stuff! so how'd u do the windsock?

  5. I cut a conical piece of card stock, rolled it up and glued it, then colored it with an orange sharpie and glued it to a toothpick. Voila! Instant wind sock.