Tuesday, April 6, 2010

World War 1/2 Airfield

Anyone who knows me, and for that matter, anyone who follows this blog must know by now that I am completely insane when it comes to gaming.  I love everything.  Recently my friend Jil turned me on to Wings of War and I'm hooked.  I have been dieing to play this game for some time and when I finally did I was pleasantly surprised.  I originally figured that if I got some of the cool minis that I would have to find another rules set but the base set is very simple and has a lot of thought put into it.  As a bonus the aircraft characteristics are really quite good.  In real life I make parts to keep museum aircraft flying (Planes like the P-51 and P-47 etc..) so I already have a life long love affair with Warbirds.  This game has scratched my itch.  The other evening I was out scavenging the web as usual looking for cool tidbits of the card model variety when I hit the jackpot.  I found a great hangar blueprint from TomToms site and then an upgraded version plus some other originals at Kampfgruppe144.  So it didn't take long for me to download them and send them to my printer and off I went with the glue and scissors.
Well, I am no Vampifan, and my papercraft leaves something to be desired, but all in all I was quite happy with my first attempt.  Here is a shot of the main hangar with nearby barracks.
A closer shot showing the scissor doors and a DV inside the hangar.  Udet's DV and a DR1 triplane are fueled up and ready to scramble.
The textures on the buildings are not WWG quality but still quite good.  I like the contrast between all the different textures.
From the other side.
Here is a shot with a couple of other hangars from Kampfgruppe144 added to enlarge the airfield.  I just love the tin hangar complete with rusty panels.  It is brilliant!
It didn't take long at all to build this airfield set.  I'd say the average Joe can do it in one or two evenings and it makes a really nice airfield setup for 1/144 scale gaming in my opinion.  I think it works great for WWI or WWII equally.  I just noticed something missing.  I need a wind sock.

You see this Jil!?!?  I hope you're paying attention.  MY aircraft are being well housed and maintained while YOURS are sitting out in the elements deteriorating.  You do realize this means that MY planes will far outperform yours, right?

Happy gaming all!


  1. :D
    Fricken AWESOME!!! man, you're airfield looks so good i wanna sortie and send some bombers your way ASAP. better bring up them balloons for an early warning system...


  2. Good find and a very good post thanks :)

  3. WoW is a great, great gateway game.

    Check that. It's a great game. It also happens to be a game that you can get non-gamers to play and I've never seen someone that tried it say they didn't have a good time. I think it's worth it to make the distinction, because the term "gateway game" could be confused for "dumbed-down". The rules are simple, but elegant.

    My brother, father, and I play from time to time and never get tired of it. The system gives you so many theatrical moments. My personal favorite is the explosion (instant death) damage card. Lots of people hate it, saying it's too random. I love the idea of a stray bullet hitting an aircraft just right and causing an explosion or some other catostrophic failure. It's only come up three or four times in probably fifteen games, so it doesn't happen often; but it draws a reaction when it comes out.

  4. what scale are the planes and structures here reading this has given me the image of nick and AJ having a midair fire fight
    zeds closing in on the rest of the team down below (not mum shes to scary)

  5. The WoW minis are way out of scale with the 25-28mm stuff he appears to be using for ATZ.

    Those airfield buildings do look great though, don't they?

  6. Hi guys. The airplanes and buildings are both 1/144 scale.

  7. I have to agree with everyone else who has commented, Willy, your buildings look great! So what if they're not as detailed as WWG's output, they do the job and that's the main thing. It looks like you're onto another winner here!

  8. I forgot to mention earlier...

    For those of you who aren't quite as dedicated to terrain but still enjoy a nice looking table, they sell some righteous play mats that work very well and look great.

    Much like playing WoW with minis instead of cards, I can't go back to playing a game without this mat now.