Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nuts/CR3/ATZ Batrep - Dr. Eevil Returns

It looks like the ex-Soviet region of Elbonia is fast becoming a hotbed for would be crime syndicates.  Once again we take you to a small town in the region where the famous international crime boss Dr. Eevil has kidnapped a famous scientist, Dr. Alfred Zweikiesel.  Zweikiesel is known for his astoundingly successful experiments in reanimation and his work has attracted much worldwide attention as a possible weapon of mass destruction.  So now you know why Dr. Eevil is so eager to get his hands on this technology.  In recent months there have been numerous incidents with mindless brain eating mutations all over Elbonia.  After failing to stem the tide on their own, the Elbonian government had no choice but to go to their old nemesis for help.  Spetnaz "advisors" have been sent in to help eliminate the threat.
The Elbonian village where it is suspected that Dr. Zweikiesel is being held.  Dark shapes are shambling around the streets.  This is going to be a night mission with low visibility.
 Team Alpha commanded by Jil.  Comprised of four Rep5 Spetnaz advisors and eight Rep3 Elbonian guards.
Team Bravo commanded by Nick (other Nick, not my kid).  Comprised of four Rep5 Spetnaz advisors and eight Elbonian Rep3 guards.
Approaching stealthily in the dead of night, the teams close on the dark and quiet village.  At first contact one of Jil's team leaders takes down a thug but return fire drops the advisor OOF.  This starts the ball rolling.  One squad advances and makes it to the building.
 Meanwhile, Nick is carefully approaching on the right and has made it to a secure position undetected.  One of his groups are climbing the ladder of the building.
Back on Jil's side we see his lads tossing grenades on the building and smoking out the rats.  His squads are moving up.  And so are the Zeds!  The noise is starting to attract them.
A short while later Jil sends a squad streaking across the street but they are caught in a tremendous volley of fire from the roof top of the building across the street.  This squad is shot to pieces with one survivor ducked back.
Jil's squad on the right is then assaulted by Zeds but his boys take them out, no problemo.
The shattered squad is now providing lunch for a mob of Zeds.  Well, at least it will keep the Zeds busy for a while.
After finishing off the Zeds, Jil's right hand squad continues their advance and draws fire from a second story floor of the building across the way.  They return fire and kill a thug.
Immediately afterwards, Nick's squad who has made it to the roof top, throws down a grenade and then goes in to clean up.  A perfectly executed joint attack.
Back on the left, another coalition strike squad attempts to push it's way forward but they are shot to pieces.  The entire squad is shattered.  Those thugs in the building are going to be tough to dig out.
Jil's center squad cleans up the survivors of their grenade assault and secures the building.  Now to deal with the thugs across the street.  In a coordinated attack between both commanders they manage to take down the thug stronghold across the street.
On the right, Nick's assault is going pretty well.  Between grenades and over watch fire they manage to neutralize an enemy position with only a couple of casualties.
Sensing disaster, Dr. Eevil and his assistants start jumping ship.  Out they come with Dr. Zweikiesel as a human shield.  The coalition isn't letting him get away, they open up anyway and more casualties on both sides.  Luckily the Doc isn't hit.
Dr. Eevil is running short on henchmen.  He's even lost his beloved cocktail waitress.  The coalition is closing in fast.
Nick's squads are kept busy clearing Zeds.  And more Zeds.  And more Zeds.
Dr. Eevil is making a break for it!  Someone stop him fast!
As Dr. Eevil makes for the escape vehicle with his remaining crew he is joined by his last two henchmen who are already in a firefight with Nick's advanced elements.  They are trading kills.
They make it to the truck!  Dr. Eevil and Zweikiesler get inside and the others in the bed.  The firefight continues and Nick's squad leader goes down!
And then one of Jil's sneaky Russians takes a shot with an RPG.  He misses but kills one thug.  Hey wait a minute!!!  Don't these bozos realize that the hostage is in there!?  The Commandant is not going to be happy if they blow Zweikiesler to oblivion.
As the coalition closes in and the firefight continues, the battle starts to go against the crime Lord.  His henchmen are down or cowering as the truck takes off with squealing tires for a last bid for freedom.
The hero of the day!  This Elbonian Guardsman has gunned down some thugs this day.  Who'd have thunk it?
The truck takes off and is almost free when Nick's RPG man lets loose a rocket.  The truck crashes and Dr. Eevil and Dr. Zweikiesler both go OOF.  Well, they didn't get away, and the Dr. isn't dead, but what are the big shots gonna say about this operation?
The survivors of Alpha Team.
The survivors of Bravo Team.
Dr. Eevils gang.  All went OD or OOF.

This was a fun little throw together that we put on at the local game shop again this weekend.  It took about two hours to play.  Nick and his friends are nagging to play ATZ this afternoon so I may have another batrep coming soon :)


  1. Thanks for a great read. I am a little disappointed that your Elbonian guards were not dressed in the traditional Elbonian hat though! ;-) And where was their pig?

  2. Ruarigh, if you can find the miniatures, I'll paint them and play them with relish.
    Can you think of anyone who makes figs who would come close?

  3. Another great batrep, Willy, and how good it was to see good conquering evil... or even Eevil!
    The scenery would suggest that this took place somewhere with a Middle Eastern feel to it. It certainly added a lot to the game, but good looking scenery has a habit of doing that! Right, well I'm off to brush up on my knowledge of all things Elbonia.

  4. At least with proper Elbonians you would only need to paint the top half of them, because the bottom half would be lost in the mud. I shall see if I can find some suitable figures. I think an Elbonian revolution featured in Dilbert at one point so maybe we could make a good game of it.

  5. Ooh, and I think their airlines consisted of a big catapult. Right down my alley.

  6. I come to this blog for the great batreps but I stay for the catapult jokes.

  7. i'm just very fortunate that i get to actually play in these games! thanx


  8. Great Batrep as always. What are the roads that you used made of and what is the size of the sections. Just curious!

  9. Brendan,
    I'm not totally sure about the roads. I think the main sections were about 12" long. These belong to that game shop and I never picked one up. Jil plays there more often, he may know. I'll try to remember to ask him.