Monday, November 1, 2010

Dr. Evil Returns

We played a large game of CR3/ATZ (Two Hour Wargames) at a local game shop Montag's in the Houston area) on Saturday.  Some of the guys there have started playing Six Gun Sound and thought it would be fun to check out some of the modern stuff as well.  So we loaded up and headed out for an afternoon of nonsense.  Dr. Evil has returned and this time he has biological WMDs.  A multinational group of Elite commandos is out to stop him.  We did not have a lot of troops on hand, and there were a lot of players, so you will see some strange figures on the table.  This is not really a batrep.  Just a bunch of pics with commentary because I felt like uploading something.  I think we had about 8 players and at least half were new.  The game worked but it took longer than I like.  I really like to keep games to two hours or less and this one went 3 to 4 but we were also talking and goofing around a lot.  After playing a lot of CR games I am seeing that the absolute limit is 6 to 8 players, and less if any of them are new.  THW games are so versatile you can get away with so much even when your pushing the envelope.


  1. A lot of action for our figs as usual. I especially like the quirkiness factor of using a variety of figs to battle it out with them zeds. Great batrep highlights! Thanx for running it and thanx to Guy at Montag's Games for lending us the great Middle East buildings, terrain and roads.

  2. That sure looked like a whole heap of fun, Willy. Lots of action and humour... and the good guys win - what more could you want?

    Oh, my favourite comments from the batrep - "I'm a PEF." "Me too." ROTFLMAO!

  3. Great Stuff.

    Good to see the Elbonians back in action there in Texas


  4. Elbonians ROCK!
    We tried something a little new with the civvie looking figs as PEFs. With all the Elite troops present is was amazing how difficult it was for them to resolve the PEFs. The good news is that most of them turned out to actually be cvivilans and a good thing too because it was also amazing at how consistently crappy everyone was rolling. If all those PEFs had been Elbonians Hudson would have been screaming "Game over man!" very early.