Friday, November 19, 2010

A quick Incursion

My friend Jil (Herrodadog) set up his own version of Incursion using 3D terrain that he made from foam.  It is very good looking stuff!  This was my very first game and I was controlling the two grunts. We used AT43 miniatures for the game.  Incursion is a simple game that reminds me of Space Hulk and it is indeed a fun game to play.


  1. I have Incursion, Willy, but I've never played it yet. It does have some similarities with Space Hulk and that's not a bad thing.
    I see you've been experimenting with how your pics look. The night vision views work very well but the others not so good.
    Still, thanks for sharing. What I love about your blog is that I never know what to expect when I log on.

  2. Hi Bryan,
    Yeah, I agree, I like the static screens but am not so sure about the others. I'm just fooling about with these short games to see how things look.
    I don't own incursion myself, but from my first few games I'd say I like it. I think Jil is planning on getting some of the official minis for it but in the mean time you know we're not ones to be put off with a bit of improvisation.