Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Song of Drums & Shakos Cavalry

My friend Justo (Uncle Greasy) and I had a great evening of Drums & Shakos not long ago.  Unfortunately the photos did not turn out well enough to do batreps because I was unfamiliar with the light settings at his place.  It is a shame because the games were very interesting and fun, plus it was our first excursion with cavalry. 
This game is really nice because it is simple enough to get in some games even after a long day at work. Here's some snaps of the table and games.


  1. FOBA - Feline On-Board Artillery. Does it every time.

    That's a great little set-up there too. Keep the reports coming, please. They are rather inspiring, although my plans for a 6mm three musketeers skirmish have fallen by the wayside due to lack of suitable figures!

  2. The two photos of the cat brought a huge smile to my face as I love cats. Once again, it looks like you guys (and the cat!) had a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing, Willy!

  3. What an incredibly great idea! Do you know if anyone makes 28mm musketeer figures?
    Oddly enough, I just finished re-reading the novel by Dumas and those idiots would make for some very interesting games.

    Bryan, we are still arguing about who had the most fun. I think it was the cat though. It is very young and the bloody miscreant just wouldn't give up. I was actually getting to the point where I was ready to strangle the little creep, and I love cats normally.

  4. I wanted to do 6mm because your 6mm games have inspired me. I also like the fact that I could do the games for pennies and in a very small area using a set like Gloire, which generally uses a 2'x2' area with 28mm figures, so I could halve the groundscale for added compactness. There are several 25mm or 28mm manufacturers that do suitable ranges: Black Hat Miniatures, Redoubt Enterprises and Blue Moon Manufacturing to name but three. Most manufacturers that do Thirty Years War ranges should have some suitable figures in too.

    Right, I'm off to check out 10mm ranges since 6mm is a non-starter at the moment.

  5. Cool! I just went and checked and Brigade games had some nice musketeers but they are bloody expensive.
    I'm off to see what else is available as well!

    We are maniacs, you do realize that, right? One wrong word and we're off like a shot to start a new period.

  6. It's a medically-defined condition, you know. It's called The "Ooh Shiny" Complex and is apparently genetic, so we are not to blame for it. The best way to treat it is to indulge it as much as possible. :-) Steve and I seem to feed off each other's enthusiasms. It's a bad situation to be in, because we are always finding new things to spend money on.

    The good thing about Three Musketeers is that you do not need many figures to get started. The bad thing is that a few figures is never enough!

  7. So someone used your own mehtods on you? He brought his cat into the game before you were able to include a predator alien or dinosaurs. Very clever! ;o)

    Interesting terrain. The coloured sand isn't glued to the table? Even more fun with a cat.

    I don't know if the Ooh Shiny Complex is genetic, but it surely is contagious. Have you seen Copplestone's Glory Of The Sun range? Maybe not Stars, but definitely interesting Grunts for a little skirmish.

    Whiteface / Oliver

  8. Jil just reminded me of those as well. They are great, and I am a HUGE fan of Copplestone. I can't wait until I can start ordering some new toys.

  9. LT,

    this table looks great! cat's hilarious as well.
    btw - i've been a member of the post apoc forum since august. douugghhh! n you're right it's an awesome forum and very inspiring. just haven't been logging on nor posting. heehee. thnx for da reminder.

    Jil aka herrodadog

  10. Catastrophic event! You need a Tiffin Card.