Monday, October 25, 2010

SDS Batrep - The Raid Part 3

After the first couple of debacles the Brits decide to stay and make a real fight of it this time.  Justo was starting to get the system down pretty good by now and he was looking for revenge. I think for the most part we have most of the rules down pretty good at this point but in this game we discovered something we are doing very wrong with the forest terrain.  At least I think we are doing it wrong, so please, any experts out there should chime in and tell us what is correct!
We have been playing that men in the edge of the woods can be shot at with a cover modifier, but after examining the rules closer yesterday it seems that figures outside the woods cannot shoot at units in the woods.  So to attack men in the woods your figures must assault the position to move them out.  At least this is how it looks to me.  Please comment!
Before making adjustments or house rules we always like to learn the rules completely like the authors intended because many times you later think to yourself "aah, that is why!".
In any case, here is the conclusion to our Raid series learning games.  This was a see-saw nail biter!
Some of the pics didn't come out as well as usual.  Jil has lousy lighting and the make shift tin foil backed lights were only partially up to the task.  I definitely know what to get him for his Birthday.


  1. my birthday? make it christmas. :D

    great job on this final installment.

  2. Best one yet!

    I was properly excited by it like a big grinning kid.


  3. Really, really cool and entertaining!

  4. Excellent series of Batreps, really looking forward to the next ones.

  5. What an exciting batrep! This one went right to the wire with ups and downs on both sides. Another winner, Willy!

  6. This was a fun game. We all really thought the Frogs had it in the bag but that fat lady just wouldn't give it up.