Saturday, November 20, 2010

Secure the Area

This was my second game of Incursion from last week.  My Marines fared a lot better this time around.  This time I quit screwing around with the special effects in the Comic Life program as well.  This particular scenario was to infiltrate the area and secure three air lock doors.  Of course they were nice and spread out.  I took the chance and split my squad, something I am normally not too keen on doing, but it paid off.  The Marines have tremendous firepower and can usually keep their frontage clear but the sturm bombers are a serious problem no matter what because they can potentially do that little kamikaze thing when you smoke them.  I simply got lucky that only one bomber reached any of my guys and got lucky again on the die rolls.  All in all this was a nice little game and quite fun.


  1. Nice one!
    What stuff did you use for the walls? I'm trying to do something similar in 15mm.

  2. Hey Blacksmith,

    Jil (aka Herrodadog) here. To answer your question about the walls, they're just blue insulation foam cut on my foam cutter. To simulate concrete walls texture I used a slurry mix of grey paint, sand and watered down pva glue. Natural stone walls were blue foam formed with my soldering iron and varying layers of drybrushed color. Here's more photos on my blog:


  3. Great scenery and another great batrep. It's always nice to end with a win!

  4. How much time did you put into repainting the AT-43 stuff? It seems you gave 'em a quick wash, but I cant really tell from here.

  5. Jules,
    I'll have to forward that question to Herrodadog, he's the culprit.
    If he doesn't answer here, you can find him at his blog