Friday, October 1, 2010

Mag-Con II

Hooray!  Mag-Con is back!  This is a really great little Con held in the Houston Texas area which is a really great venue.  Laid back and easy going with no traffic and easy free parking!
Anyone who can manage to get here should do it!  This would be a great time for all you Yankees to take a vacation to the sunny South and enjoy some great gaming and get some decent BBQ for a change.  It'll probably be around 85 deg. in Houston around then and you can run around in shorts instead of shoveling snow.

Come play with Clan LTL as they create more mayhem and find new victims, err I mean adventures!

No matter what, there will be loads of Chain Reaction games going.  I am planning to play everything from airplanes to Zombies the entire weekend.  I'm going to stay up about 20 hours each day till my dice hand is bleeding!

Justo did a fantastic job with Mag-Con last year and we have a ton of space this year so it should be awesome.

Visit the Mag-Con URL for more details:

Contact Justo for additional information.
Justo Perez


  1. Sounds like my kind of con! Damn, I wish I could join y'all. No point telling you to have fun as I'm sure you will. I'll be with you in spirit if not body!

  2. Bryan, Don't you need a good vacation? Just think how nice and warm it will be here. You know you want to. Just think about all the East Texas road kill BBQ you'll be missing out on.

  3. el tee el,

    this should be a blast. i'll be running my modern micro-armor conversion of world at war: blood and bridges. i just wanna run one game tho, so i can PLAY the rest of the con. bwa-hahahahahah!


  4. I sooooooooooooo need a vacation. I haven't had one this century. Can you believe that? Yep, I'd love to hang out with you guys. The only downside I see (apart from an obvious lack of money) is that I doubt if I'd want to reyurn home. Ho-hum! I gotta hope for a big lottery win!

  5. Bad thing I'm in the other side of the world map.