Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Song of Drums & Shakos - The Bridge

Here is another rep from the long session we had this weekend.  Right now we are still just learning the rules and throwing out random scenarios, letting the dice decide the situation but the games are a lot of fun.
I tried to put the French more into character in this rep so please excuse my lousy and very limited French language! 
I want to really learn the rules so I can do them in my sleep because I am planning to run SDS at our local upcoming convention.  They are very easy to learn but now we are making small adjustments for our house rules "flavor".

Finally after my friend Jil and his French have given me many beatings, my English puddings fought more like bulldogs!
Go grab yourself a copy of SDS and have a load of fun!


  1. Huzzah, just like Big nose would have done himself, tricky ridge tactics!


  2. "Quiet Jenkins or I'll have your gin ration" had me rolling on the floor laughing. We always name "Private Jenkins" any troop that does something oustanding in our games :-)

  3. OK, thanks to you I've ordered Song Of Blades and Heroes (I am not into Nappy gaming, but the system sounds very interesting) yesterday and Comiclife today.

    These comic style batreps are so much fun. I like it when the rifles go "pop!", always expecting a little flag from the barrel of the gun. And I don't know why, but when those french shout Vive La France I imagine them doing it with the booming voice of an old, drunken sailor.

    6mm it is? Amazing...

    Whiteface / Oliver

  4. I want a thumbs up emoticon here. Well done, Willy and kudos to you for beating Johnny Frog!

  5. Hiyas all. We're really having a lot of fun with this game.

    Michael: I figure if it worked for the Duke, I shouldn't discount it right?

    Andrea: There must really be something to the Jenkins theme. It is funny how we are across the world with no prior contact and we both have Jenkins as our trouble maker. Spooky isn't it?

    Whiteface: Good for you! It will work for all black powder and the great thing is you only need a few figures here and there. It allows you to dabble without breaking the bank!

    Vampifan: I am thrilled! It has literally been three years of losing with my beloved Brits. I normally don't care much about winning or losing but this streak was getting on my nerves.
    It's a good thing I wasn't commanding British troops in the Peninsula right?

  6. I am not into this Napoleon stuff...but now I've seen that there are rules for the ACW on the way...tempting.

  7. Superb report! Medals all round!

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