Sunday, October 17, 2010

Song of Drums and Shakos - The Hill

Yesterday was a great day for gaming.  I snuck off to my friend Jil's house without the kids and we played SDS for 8+ hours.  Just the big boys with total peace and tranquility!  We actually had plans to play other games as well but had such a good time with SDS that we never stopped playing it.
Once again we just played with my travel set in 6mm, and used a bunch of Jil's really cool trees for what I thought was a very nice table.
The miniatures are the superb Baccus 6mm, the game pads are from Terrain Guy here in my home State of Texas, and the rules of course was Song of Drums & Shakos which is becoming a fast favorite here.
There is no way I can post everything we played yesterday but I wanted to post a couple of reps so players can see how nicely the game flows.
The rep below was just something we rolled up.  The British were standing piquet at a crossing and the French randomly entered the table.  Everything else just developed from there.
The only bad thing was we had very poor lighting and I had to use a flash on the camera which makes the colors all bad.  Oh well, can't have everything..


  1. Cracking good write-up and excellent use of 6mm figures for skirmishing. I am now sorely tempted to follow suit with some Baccus Wars of the Roses for Montjoie or Baccus SYW for Black Powder Battles.

  2. Likewise, excellent report and nicely put together. I may try the 'comic' format myself sometime. Really like the idea of a 6mm travel set as well!
    Thanks for posting

  3. Nice report. What kind of stone walls are those? I've been looking for affordable stone walls for 6mm for some time.

  4. The great thing is you can do a lot of variety as a single bag of Baccus is plenty of troops.

    The stone walls were something I bought from Peter at Baccus minis but they are actually made by someone else. I think they are Time Cast but not totally positive.
    You can also check Terrain Guy, there is a link on this blog in the what we use section.

  5. An even better game than your first one using the SDS rules. Keep 'em coming!

  6. I would never have considered 6mm for skirmishing, but this is great stuff!

  7. A really great BatRep!

    Did you modify the SDS Measuring Sticks for 6mm or did you just use the 15mm as written?

    I really like your terrain from Terrain Guy. You seem to have a lot of it. Any recommendations for what is needed as a basic minimum?

  8. @pine
    Just use the ranges as is.
    Actually, in this game the only terrain we used from Terrain Guy was the locking mat.
    The hills and trees are my friend Jils, and the trees are of the Railroad variety.
    The buildings and walls etc.. are timecast if I remember right.
    The river is from Wargamers Terrain.
    The fields are home made. I just glued a bunch of junk to some fabric.

    From Terrain guy, the first thing to get, and the most recommended for me, is either the roll up mats or the locking tiles to your preference. Both are very, very rugged and top quality. TG trees are nice but not so durable. I like Wargamers rivers and roads best.

  9. @LTL Dad
    Thank You. I PMed you at Angel Barracks Forum. 6mm SDS is something I want to try. But I'm starting from scratch. Any comments or advice would be appreciated - maybe we can continue this discussion at the AB Forum.