Monday, September 20, 2010

West World

Just to prove that I have not been totally worthless all weekend here are some pics of the Western buildings I have been working on.  The kids and I did some gaming, mostly sci-fi, and LTL Mom kicked my arse again in War at Sea.  She is really getting good at that game.
So my town is growing.  I think it is about time to start doing a little experimental playing now!  Six Gun Sound is a bit different from the regular Chain Reaction games we are always playing so I'll start small and work my way up.


  1. Looks good! Is that the Whitewash City?

    New Blog follower btw! I'm also on the THW Group.

  2. You have been busy, Willy! I like the look of your Wild West buildings. Now I'm looking forward to seeing them in a batrep. Although I haven't played Six Gun Sound (yet!) they are a great set of rules and I'll be using them myself when my Wild West camapign kicks off.

  3. And the best part is
    QUOTE:"so I'll start small and work my way up".
    Yeah, right! What a small start with 10+ buildings! I guess there will be a predator in this town very soon and some Foundry zombie cowboys.

    Whiteface / Oliver

  4. @Varangian: Yes! I just got the pioneer set for 10 or 15 bucks, I can't remember now. It has about 15 buildings or so. I have been quite pleased with them, they are pretty easy to build and they look pretty nice.

    @Vampifan: I'm in the same boat. I've been reading them but have yet to throw a single die. They look very promising but I wouldn't want to do a huge battle with a lot of figs with them.

    @Whiteface: When you consider that Hotz has at least 80+ buildings available I am definitely starting small! Predators? Zombie Cowboys? With our group of maniacs you might even see some Space Marines!

    But seriously, I was looking at these things last night and was thinking that these buildings might work for frontier towns for Maggies Swordplay fantasy games. I need to make some town buildings for her pretty soon, she's griping that I'm building stuff out of queue.

    Tomorrow night I will try to post my first minis for my personal characters. They are really cool.

  5. Some days ago I stumbled upon my Artizan Wild West miniatures (Gunmen I. pack) and thought that these miniatures would be perfect for Havasu City. Post-Apoc feels a lot like Wild West.