Saturday, September 11, 2010

Starship Boarding Action

Another mini adventure in Nick's sci-fi world.  We used the Chain Reaction rules from THW with converted stats from 5150 also by THW.  The ship deckplan is the Drake from Future Armada that can be downloaded in .pdf format from places like RPG Now.  We took my daughters elevation stand a little further this time and used tinker toys instead of BBQ skewers!  I need to find some time to build some more of these ships, they are working well.


  1. First time post long time reader.Yet another truly amazing batrep from begining to end... I'm loving the comic style of the THW games you run.I was very curious if you would use Vader's knowledge of the force to simply crush the Covenant...since 5150 has psi powers...I'll be looking forward to act 2 and its mayhem...and I should be posting a blog within the next few months with Starhip Troopers VS Zombies just gluing everything together...

  2. I fell in love with graphic-novel style battle reports ever since I bought "Comic Life." I can't recommend this program highly enough. Great job LTL Dad! I love your 3D effect on the deck plans!


  3. I like it! I like it a lot! Those 2-D floor plans work well. Things have progressed a long way since i first started sci-fi RPGing. I had to draw and colour in all of my starship deckplans on A1 sized sheets of graph paper! I could easily cover a table tennis table with my deck plans for some truly epic battles at my local wargaming club. Oh boy, if I had access to the stuff that's availble now way back then!

    I'm looking forward to seeing how this game pans out.

  4. Thanks guys, we had fun with this. Nick is the driving force behind our sci-fi stuff or I'd probably have never even messed with it.

    Recondo: We play a kind of hybrid CR3/5150 game. We basically play CR3 with just the bits we want from 5150 and we leave out the more complex stuff. For vaders force powers I am still in thought about it. I know he is going to use them soon so I will have to make a decision but I am leaning towards a simple vs his rep system. We'll see how it pans out and I will comment on it.

    Stern: You have an amazing blog. I will have to take some time out to read it as just glimpsing through I saw tons of interesting and varied stuff.

    Vamp: I can just imagine the layouts you would make! They would be full 3D with every single detail accounted for.

  5. Always wonderful to see your batreps!