Monday, September 6, 2010

ATZ Labor Day Adventures


  1. Haha, good batrep. I love the idea of sending Riley to the race track! I knew you were gentle and soft-hearted people... :o)
    The white Ford with ATV is the favourite vehicle of my own small car park. But I don't have thoses snazzy tribals.
    Again the comic book style works very well. Good way to include speech or thougts. And BLAM! of course.

    Good to see the LTL Family in action again!

    Whiteface / Oliver

  2. Another good one!
    One of the best parts of THW games is that you don't need to plan ahead what will happen in your game. It really unfolds by itself while you play.

  3. Now that was a lot of fun to read but I bet it was even more fun to play. Good thinking to keep Riley around for the race track.
    The comic style batrep really suits your style of play. Keep 'em coming, Willy!

  4. Another fun free for all for the whole family! Thanks! I like the comic style too! Keep 'em coming...

  5. Really nice and interesting batrep!
    Love your blog!


  6. Thanks guys. I think I figured out how to make the photos a bit bigger so I'll try that next time.