Friday, March 5, 2010

Swordplay/WHAA Batrep - Maggiechatter the Squirrel's Big Fight

Time for something new!  I recently got some cool, already painted minis and terrain from Ed at Two Hour Wargames.  I got it primarily for my daughter, but heck, they are so cool I'm having fun with them too!
The figs are from the Druid's Children sets at Splintered Light Miniatures.  It was already close to their bed time when I got home but after seeing the minis they absolutely insisted we have a quickie game so I gave in rather than having them stay up all night wondering.  The truly great thing about all the THW rules sets are that you can get away with really quick games when need be.  I've gotten to the point where I am using them for almost everything I game.  So here's Maggie's first romp.
It was a peaceful Spring morning in the little village of Knuckleheadville.  The Sun was shining, the birds were singing, not a cloud in the sky.
Nickanog the Shrew was taking in some rays and enjoying the peaceful morning without all his rowdy buddies around to pester him.  Even the rambunctious Nickanog needs a break every so often.
All of a sudden his little friend Moley comes tearing up the path way yelling at the top of his lungs.  Nickanog is not sure what to make of it at first.  He thinks that Moley is yelling something about bats!  That makes no sense at all!  That Moley is always horsing around about something.
But wait!  There's somebody chasing Moley up the drive!  It's not bats, it's rats!  And great big nasty, mean looking, smelly ones to boot!  Three of the vile creatures to be exact.
The nasty rat patrol is rapidly gaining on Moley, they are catching up fast!  Nickanog is not sure what to do, but he has the presence of mind to scream out the alarm at least.  He decides to make a stand and hope that help comes fast enough.
Luckily for Nickanog and Moley, help does indeed come quickly.  Bursting out of the house comes Maggiechatter the Squirrel, brandishing her long two handed sword, and Daddy Otter Hood with his trusty long bow.  Daddy Otter lets fly with a wicked shaft but it glances off the rats greasy fur as he curses his lousy shooting.  Meanwhile, Maggiechatter and Nickanog engage the other two rats.  Moley hides in the background and screams that he's too young to die.
Maggiechatter and Nickanog do a fine job of besting their respective opponents in  flash.  The last rat decides that discretion is the better part of valor and takes off at top speed.  "Don't let him get away!"  Maggiechatter screams.  "He'll come back with more rats!"  So Daddy Otter tries to redeem himself for his earlier miss and draws his bow till it creaks, and lets fly the shaft...
The shaft finds its mark in the black heart of the evil rat!  Daddy Otter mutters something about the rat not doing too much talking on this day.  With the crisis over for the moment, the friends set out to find the others and warn them of the dangerous intruders.

This was the second take of this scenario.  On our first try, the rats immediately caught Moley and killed him.  This upset Nick quite a bit so I lied and told him that Moley was only OOF.  Then immediately afterwards the rats activated again and killed Nick while Maggie and Dad were still sitting in the Pumpkin house having tea. Interestingly enough he wasn't upset at all.  He just formed an instant affinity for his friend Moley!


  1. Nice little bash there. Love that terrain.

  2. Nice to see you trying something different, Willy, whilst remaining true to THW. I'm becoming more like you, and think all of my gaming needs will be covered by their rulebooks.

    The figures are just delightful and well painted. The scenery adds immeasurably to the game. Thanks for sharing and good on you for coming up with something very different.