Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nuts! Batrep - Hostage Rescue

Big gaming day at Veloci's garage.  Had a friend over for gaming and we started with a game of ATZ and let the kiddos join in.  They were being unusually rotten so after that we kicked them out and decided to try something a little different.  Jil had brought over some nice 28mm figs including some modern Russian Airborne.  On the fly we thought we would use the ATZ setup and create a scenario where an Elite squad of Airborne working with on the ground KGB infiltrators would attempt to make a hostage rescue from some rebels.  I didn't have my CR 3.0 rules at the house so we decided to use Nuts! with a couple of minor adjustments and have a go.  It turned out to be a very fun game.  So no ATZ Batrep today.  Instead we'll bring you to the industrial district of a remote town in Elbonia where Rebels are holding a high profile hostage.

I know this is kind of corny but it was fun!

To set the scenario up, I first wrote down the positions of all my Rebels.  Once this was done, Jil placed two KGB operatives.  I compared the positions of his operatives to my secret placement and then revealed and placed on the table what he was able to see.  This way he had limited intelligence on his operation.  His Elite Airborne units would then make their jump some ways out of town and then stealthily approach as he desired.
The starting situation on the West side of town in the warehouse district:  One of Jil's operatives is on top of the big warehouse pretending to service an air conditioning unit.  He communicates to the Command Center that two Rebels are patrolling on the roof of the large warehouse, and that another Rebel is stationed on the roof of the white warehouse across the street.
Starting situation from the East side Office District:  An operative stationed on the third floor of an office building (upper left of picture behind skyscraper) has communicated his observation of another Rebel lookout on top of a convenience store.  (center, right)
The only other information available is that the hostage was moved earlier that evening and the operatives are desperately trying to find out where before the rescue squad arrives.  They previously had information that early the next morning the hostage would be removed from the town altogether so this is the last chance to rescue him.  Aborting the mission is not an option.
A view overlooking the large warehouse where two Rebels stand watch.
And where another Rebel stands watch from the roof of the smaller white warehouse.
The Rebel on the roof of the convenience mart is well hidden and commands a fine view of the main street.
The operative on the third floor of the office building has a great view of the entire West side, a fine place to radio updated intelligence to the Command Center.
The operative on the warehouse leaves his post and starts to head for the stairs down from the roof.
The Elite team of Paratroopers quietly enters the outskirts of the town from the North.  Stalking in the shadows they are all but invisible.
The Rebels on the warehouse roof are patrolling vigilantly.
As the disguised operative makes his way down through the warehouse.
The Paratroopers quietly make their way around the building and into an alley.  A lone Rebel watchman is unaware of their approach, as they are unaware of his presence.
On the West side, the Rebels on the large warehouse are making their rounds oblivious to the new intruders.
The operative still calmly makes his way out of the warehouse taking care not to arouse any suspicion.
Two of the Paratroopers sprint across the street and enter a building.
Fortunately the Rebels on the large warehouse had their backs turned as they crossed the lighted street.
The rebels do not appear to be following any set patrol routine.  This is going to make it hard to time stealthy movements.
A couple of the paratroopers are still posted up in the alley when a Rebel on the roof of the building across the street comes into view.  Uh oh, this could ruin everything.  The paras were hoping to infiltrate quietly.  
Well there is not much choice now.  The two paras make their insight test and take down the Rebel.  Well, that will start the ball early.
The other two paras in the building across the street inquire over their com-links as to what the shooting was about.  They make their way up stairs.  They radio that this building is clear.
After all that shooting the Rebel guards are now looking in the right direction as two of the paratroopers sprint across the lighted street in the distance.  This Rebel makes his insight test and blasts away with his AK-47 but he misses and the paras make it safely across!
His buddy carefully approaches to help and asks "Did you get one?"
Meanwhile, the two paras in the building have made their way to the roof tops.  As one of them takes a quick look around the corner he is spotted by the Rebel on the convenience mart.  The rebel blazes away with his AK and misses!  The para and Rebel return each others fire in wild sustained blaze...
Finally the paratrooper goes down!  A split second later the other para opens fire from the lower roof and drops the Rebel cold.  He then com-links the bad news that they have a man down, as well as another rebel dead.
The cat is definitely out of the bag now.  The rebels are now on high alert.  The operative on the ground makes his way down the street pretending to be a scared worker.
The surviving paratrooper from the fire fight on the roof tops makes his way down and out of the building to rejoin his squad.
The rebels on the warehouses are setting up for optimum LOS.  The rebel on the white warehouse disappears down the stairs and from view.  The operative on the third story communicates this information.
One of the warehouse guards heads for the stairwell just before a paratrooper sprints across the lighted street in the distance.  What a lucky break for the paratrooper!  The other guard fires and misses!  Another lucky break for the Russian.
While a paratrooper checks a building on the far side of the street, the operative on the ground takes a look in the parts store.  Nothing.
One para is still checking that office building while the team leader and his partner are checking the skyscraper.  The operative starts making his way up the street to snoop around there.
All this quiet is making the remaining guard on the warehouse roof nervous.  He decides to fall back behind the air conditioner for some cover.
 The operative checks inside the convenience mart.  Nothing here.
After clearing the last office building, the paratrooper scout decides not to risk the street again.  He climbs through the window and heads for the fire station to check it out.  He has a close call when a huge hand falls from the sky and almost crushes him!
After clearing the skyscraper, the team leader and his partner hug the buildings and make their way East to support the scout.  They remain undetected.
The scout clears the fire station while the rest of the squad clears the garage.  Nothing here but a nice sports car.  Obviously these rebels have way too much cash.
The scout prepares to check the store while the operative heads for the service station.
The team leader decides that their objective must be on the West side of the river.  He recalls the scout and they all head up the street to regroup in the safety of the dead zone behind the parts store.
The team leader sends the RPG man to post up on an upper floor of the skyscraper to provide overwatch while he waits for the scout to arrive.  The other operative is still on the third floor of the office building watching for any sign of rebel movement.
The team leader and the scout get ready behind the parts store while waiting for the RPG specialist to get into position.
The scout thinks he has a dead zone where he can make a dash across the river to the police station.  In one way he was right, it is a "dead" zone.  He barely makes a few steps when heavy fire erupts from the upper story of the police station and the white warehouse.  He goes down.
The RPG specialist providing over watch responds with a precision hit against the upper story of the police station.  This should get their heads down.
Thinking the threat diminished, the team leader decides to try and make a break to rush the police station.  He plans to throw the downed scouts weapon to the KBG operative who has arrived on the scene.  Unfortunately for him he has sorely misjudged the threat.  More fire erupts from the warehouses and he goes down too!
Once again, the RPG man responds, this time with his rifle.  He takes out the rebel who fired from the warehouse upper story window.  Nice shooting.
The second rebel roof guard appears in the same window to return fire and the RPG man takes him out too!  Somebody give that boy a double ration of vodka!  Convinced that the threat must now really be diminished, the fanatic KGB men decide to rush the police station.  They make it!
When all of a sudden there is a huge blast of automatic gunfire from within the building.  One of the KGB men goes down in bloody ruin.
 The last KGB man ducks back against the wall as the realization of impending doom hits him.  He knows it is all over.  The RPG man radios for the helicopter to come airlift him from the top of the skyscraper.  

This game was really quite a lot of fun.  The hidden setups, limited intelligence, and limited LOS made for some real uncertainty.  Throwing this game together on the fly and using Nuts! for the rules didn't seem to detract from the game at all.  I think we will make some minor adjustments and try this one again tomorrow.  The Russkies really need more tactical elements, and this was the first time the Russian player had played the game system.  I do not think he will be making these mistakes on the next go.


  1. Very inspiring Batrep, well done. I was wondering if Nut's can be use for modern, your answer is clear enought.

  2. Karl,
    The only thing we changed is we made all the assault rifles target three and impact 3. It works great!

  3. ohh man! what that was! to be a reader and follower of your blog to ACTUALLY PLAY in your immersive world w/ my Soviet Paras was quiet the hoot. great battlefield reporting and definitely will come back for more. on tap on work bench are some 28mm fallschirmjagers that will grace your tabletop in the near future for some larger scale nuts! action. (now all i have to do is acquire some strelkovy, a siberian sniper and of course a komissar). thanks veloci for the invite. i'll be back...

  4. Yep, that sure looked like it was a lot of fun! I need to send off for Nuts! and 5150. It's great that the THW games are compatible or just need a bit of tinkering to make them compatible.

    Willy, I like your mix of scenery. The railroad plastics work well with the WWG card models.

    Keep up the good work, my friend!

  5. I am so in awe of your fantastic urban terrain! But you missed something: Elbonia is covered in waist-deep mud :o)

    Whiteface / Oliver

  6. I was wondering who was going to catch the Elbonian bit, you get the prize Ollie!
    A free years subscription to Veloci's blog.

  7. As a soulless office dweller I am a big fan of dilbert. Free Elbonia!
    That's a wonderful prize, especially if you can get (not-Evil) LTL-Mom do do some hunting again, there's nothing like watching a real pro in action!

  8. LTL Mom is fighting the tax Zeds in a fierce tax season right now so I am afraid that you'll have to wait till April 15th. But I promise she will be back, and it will be in grand style. She has already picked out her first mission back.
    I love Dilbert, Far Side, Calvin, and Pearls. I'm a big cartoon fan in general.

  9. Ouch, tax zeds are pure evil! Even raging zeds leave them alone.

    My comics are Dilbert, Calvin and Judge Dredd. And I think I will buy some Walking Dead comics pretty soon.

    BTW, do you have "ATZ: Haven"? Your city would be perfect for some riot police action...although I guess it would end with the kids attacking each other with baton and shield :o)

  10. I do have Haven. With the THW stuff, I generally just steal bits and pieces of what I want or like and just kind of run all the games together. This is one of the things I really like about them. We game so much that I don't really have time for a lot of planning, I just throw something out there and see what happens.
    There's about a million more buildings I want to build but have been gaming so heavily I can't find time to make them.