Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nuts! Batrep - Nick goes Nuts!

I was dragging out the gear for some Nuts! games that Herrodadog and I are planning to play tomorrow and Nick kept bugging me so we threw down a quick game.  This was his first game and he finally got a chance to break in his Panzer Lehr figures.  He picked them out because they "looked cool".  After this first game he declared that he now likes them because they have two MG-42 sections per squad.  I hate MG-42's.  I think I've mentioned that before.  We just randomly generated the terrain and the forces and once again my poor Yanks got a bad draw.
See what I mean?  This is the view from the Yank point of entry.  At least I have one building in reach.
I started off by sending a couple of the lads up on point to check out the house.  Everything looked quiet and I was quite relieved.
A few moments later I sent some more GI's to the house to establish the position with orders to lay low until the entire squad is in place.
Everyone gets to the house safe and sound.  Time to start having a close look at the village.  With over watch established I send two of the boys up to the hedge to set up the next jump.  The BAR is on the way up to the front to set up.
BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!  Dang.  Nick yells out "in sight test" and both of my boys go down before reaching the hedge.  From the sound it is obvious it is a couple of MG-42 sections and one of the boys up front quickly confirm there is one at the bridge and one at the house across the road.  Oh man, looks like Nick actually put them where they would be useful.
Here's those nasty Panzergrenadiers.  Laying low and hard to spot.
Another one of my boys loses his nerve and ducks back.  I activate and the BAR gunner goes into action against the MG-42 section by the house.  He misses.
The Hun passes his received fire test and he doesn't miss.  Luckily my BAR gunner is only stunned.  His buddy gets spooked and ducks back.
I'm getting a bit miffed now and tell a couple of my lads to lay down some suppression fire against those 42 sections.  It doesn't go so well, the Krauts are just waiting to see a twitch.  One more of the GI's goes OD and the other is stunned.
After big Jim recovers he heroically tries again and this time he goes OOF to the 42 team.
We've lost the BAR gunner too.  Ok, this is starting to get bad.
The current situation:  6 men down out of 12.  I'm really vexed but even though I'm in cover Nick is rolling a lot of 6's tonight.
As much as it burns my arse, I decide to cut my losses.  The squad carries the wounded out with them.
And exits the map.
We had to leave Eddie.  It was just way too hot to get him out.
Nick's victorious Panzergrenadiers.  They might be laughing now, but when I come back with a Sherman they won't think it's so funny.  Just finished painting one last night :)


  1. That didn't go well for you, Willy, did it? Still, kudos to Nick for playing so well. Obviously rolling loads of 6s helped but there's nothing you can do to counter that. It's all in the lap of the dice gods and they can be oh, so cruel.
    Yeah, let's see how fares against a Sherman. I'm looking forward to round two.

  2. Excellent report. I feel sorry for your GIs with all that firepower against them. The table looks a bit open though for Europe. I reckon you need to skew the terrain rolls to get more cover down so that you can try flanking his positions. Failing that, a major artillery strike might do it. My other idea is that you could hide half of his MG42s somewhere that he will not find them, and then tell him he has to play with what he has! After all, the Germans were running out of kit by then!! ;-)

  3. That's why I like you so much Ruarigh. Your devious!
    I should have at at least one more rep tonight, and there will be some city fighting. The Russkies are coming!

  4. Well, you have to have some way of modelling the allied industrial superiority. :-) If you need more ideas for enlivening your gaming, just ask and I shall be pleased to see what I can come up with!!

  5. This flat terrain could be the Netherlands. OK, the last time I was there they had some shrubbery and trees...
    Maybe you could raise the level of your roads to simulate a ditch.

    Whiteface / Oliver

    (Arrgh!, I am suffering from a bad case of language barrier!)

  6. You guys are as bad as Nick! I have plenty of terrain! I just generated it poorly. I'll post some snaps of the souped up version as soon as I get a chance.