Friday, March 12, 2010

Nuts! - Games Updates

Yesterday afternoon the kids and I had a couple more goes at that basic recon scenario I batrepped the other day.  This time I souped the map up a little bit with some more terrain.  Jonathon was the Yank left, and I was the Yank right.  Nicko was the bad guys as usual.  Jon was all hyped up as he is giving a presentation on George S. Patton in school tomorrow.  Good boy!
This time the Yanks were a lot luckier as the MG-42 guys must have been drunk.  Their shooting wasn't so good. 
We were still losing some lads but not like the other day.
 In one of the games the cowboys in my squad actually shot up the MG sections with some precision shooting right off the bat.  That took the backbone out Jerry real quick.
Here the Italians, err, I mean Germans are beating it with their wounded in tow.
 Wow that was easy.  The Yanks are still just getting in position and the enemy has fled!
During the next game, the Yanks lose a man early on but otherwise things are going well as they move on.  Their suppression fire is keeping Jerry at bay.  This time Nick was on the Ami right, Jon is back on the left, and Dad was the Germans.
While my gunner is stunned in the farm house, Jon takes advantage and advances rapidly.
And he keeps advancing unmolested.  Uh oh, there's the big hand of death again.  These guys never have any respect for the photographer.
Nick is being a bit chicken over on the right.  He's sticking to the woods and the house and not advancing much.  It has been too quiet for too long.
A resounding BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! breaks the silence.  Jon is in trouble.  His squad walked into a cross fire between the woods and the farmhouse and it is messy.
After much pleading from Jon, Nick finally gets off his can and rapidly advances on the right.
It is hard to tell in this picture, but Jon has moved another group up behind the hill and is getting ready to assault the farm house.  One of his boys has a grenade ready.
But things rarely goes as planned in Nuts!  That crafty old Dad had another section hidden in the scrub at the rivers edge.  One man goes down and the group ducks back.  Luckily the man down is not the lad with the grenade.
Jon's assault has definitely come to a screeching halt for the time being.  He's chiding Nick for dragging his arse, and he's right.
One of Nick's boys tries to pin down that MG section and misses.  The Germans return fire and drop him.
Nick's flanking squad arrives on the scene and what should have been an easy target for the Germans becomes a barrage of death.  The MG was out of ammo on that last return fire and Nick takes them out.
Another of Nick's lads goes down to accurate fire from across the way.
Jon gets impatient and attempts another assault on the farm house, he throws a grenade.  He is lucky this time as this MG section is out of ammo too!  With these lads stunned and Nick charging in from the other side, the Germans are finished.  Their remaining lads across the river decide to bugger off to set up another ambush.
The last thing we did last night was a little meeting engagement.  Patton gets his way and the Americans and re-armed Germans are going up against the battle hardened veterans of the Red Army.  These are just a few random pics as we were too busy learning vehicle rules to do much else.  I wanted to play as my Americans and we didn't have enough for Nick so this was the only cheesy way to do it.  Nick's PanzerGrenadiers moving up the right.
My Yanks trying to move up to a defensive position as rapidly as possible.  My M5 sets up to cover the bridge.
Herrodadogs Russkies have the same idea.  They rapidly move up the road.  They have flankers on the left also.
A lot happened to get to this picture.  After creating havoc in a Russian infantry squad across the river, my tank commander was shot and the crew retired giving up the position at the bridge.  Fortunately my GIs are here to back it up.
Now the Russian armor controls the bridge.
All this time Nick's 251 has been creating mayhem in the ranks of the Russian infantry on our right.  Feeling invincible he advances and continues to punish the Russian infantry.  The T70 tries to stop this but fails to penetrate.  That's one life used up for Nick.
The Russian infantry is in trouble all across the front.  Between Nick's 251 and my Yanks, they are having a very bad day.  However we really do not have an answer to that T-70.  After another failed penetration (Nick is really lucky) the 251 retired and the entire firefight was bogging down on both sides.  All of Jil's Russian vehicles are still in order and ready to cause trouble.  It was 9:00 and we had to shut down but this may continue on Saturday when both sides bring up more elements.


  1. Great report. These sound like some good games. You've got me thinking I should dig out my copy of Nuts and start playing again.

  2. Dig it out man! Nuts! is a great game for trash talking, we're loving it.

  3. I love the subtlish historical nerd joke about the germans being italians when they retreat...

  4. You're on a roll here, Willy. Keep on churning out the batreps and we'll keep on reading them. I love your scenery and figures. Those little markers you use for identifying the status of a figure are very good. Can I ask where you got them from? I wouldn't mind getting some myself.

  5. Bryan,
    The markers are from Ed at THW. He gets them made at Litko. I only have a few and am planning to get a ton more. I also need some other sets they make.

  6. I like really like your haystacks and the field they are sitting on. Did you make the haystacks? And where did you get the field?


  7. Kurt,
    The haystacks belong to a friend of mine, I will ask him where they came from. Some of the fields are small squares of carpet cut out and the others I made. I simply got some durable fabric and smeared fabric glue on and sprinkled sand. Then I smeared glue in rows and sprinkled other flocking.