Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nuts! Reinforcements

While I'm getting beat up by real life I have still managed to find a little time to game and prep more goodies.  Unfortunately I'm simply too tired to take on any batreps right now but they will be back soon.  In the meantime I simply have to post something to cure my withdrawals even if it is crap.
I'm getting more and more Yanks together.  A lot of guys think the Yanks look to boring but I like the way they look even with my quickie paint jobs.  They are my favorites.
Here's my pesky little M5 Stuart that was giving Jil's light vehicles so much trouble in our last game.  I know it looks hideous but you should have seen it before.  The night I painted my Yank armor I must have really been sleep deprived.  I was in a hurry and slopped on the paint and then washed them with the wrong wash.  I hit them with some freaking neon green wash suitable only for Space Orks and I didn't notice a thing.  I woke up and went to check on them before work (yeah yeah, I'm a wierdo) and I think I screamed out loud!  They almost glowed in the dark.  So I just washed them back down with a darker wash and headed for the game table.  I will have to fix all this stuff later.
The M4 Sherman who I still have not had a chance to game with yet.  I really need to remember to get the decals.
And my M10 Wolverine who I really needed badly in the last battle.  Looking at these pics up close now it is quite clear that I have no idea how to paint WW2 armor.
Here is the German sniper set from Rebel Minis, complete with Oberst.  Just what Nick needs, more Elite Germans..
And finally my latest pets;  Anyone who knows me even remotely, must have guessed this was eventually coming.  Nazi Zombies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also from Rebel Minis complete with OberTottenFuhrer  (roughly translated - Colonel Dead Leader).  Don't ask, I just made up that title for the SS Colonel in charge of this Zed squad because I thought he needed some groovy name.  BTW, I know the Zeds are too blue instead of the normal field gray.  I was purposely making them a little blue to make them easier to distinguish on the table but my color blindness struck again and they look like bloody Yankees.  Sigh....  I better go sleep.
Happy gaming!


  1. Willy, I think it's a given that I have to comment on the German zombies. I salute you for purchasing them. Perhaps their bluish-tinged uniforms indicates that they are Luftwaffe personnel, rather than the Wehrmacht? I don't have these figures... yet! But I do have the West Wind SoTR German zombies and they are very similar, pose-wise.

    Those German snipers look very cool. I imagine they'll give someone a bloody nose.

    I like the paintjobs on your US infantry but I have to agree with you, your US armour needs a new lick of paint! Might I suggest Citadel Catachan Green for a replacement colour, assuming you use Citadel paints? Vallejo Paints would give you better choices as they have a superb range of WW2 themed paints. I have a small selection of their paints for my own WW2 and SoTR figures.

    Meantime, get some rest, recharge your batteries and come back when life isn't such a crudfest! Take care, my friend!

  2. Change that into Obertotenführer, with one "t" and pronounce that with a long "o". Looks similar to Obersturmführer (1st Lt.) or Obersturmbannführer (Lt. Colonel). You could replace one of the mid-level officer ranks with a Totensturmführer which would roughly translate into a Death Storm Leader (well, actually into Dead Storm Leader). Now that sounds scary...

    That's enough for linguistics!

    Nice to see some zombies again! So now you're fighting against Waffen-SS snipers and Nazi Zombies. Oh, well...why not add a Tiger or Panther Tank, just to complete this Horror ;o)

  3. Thanks for all the additional ideas. Now I have plenty of titles for all my planned Zed groups. I just noticed my spelling mistake too! I think I have enough for about 4 squads like this already and I just heard that Rebel has just released Allies and Russian Zombies too.
    Should I crew the Panther with Zombies? What would the officer rank be for a Zombie Tank Commander?

  4. Bryan, I think that the base coat was the Catachan green from citadel foundation. It was the hideous wash I hit them with that turned the colors. I still have no idea how I did this, it simply must have been fatigue. But believe me, what you see in these pics looks like a work of art compared to what confronted me the morning after!

  5. Zombie Tank Commander?!
    Would that be a zombie himself...in a tank?
    Or a commander in a tank with a zombie crew (whoa, now that smell would be unbearable)?
    Or a commander outside of a tank with a remote controlled zombie crew?
    Would that tank be painted in citadel rotting flesh?

    I don't think that a Zombie would get any rank at all, so a living tank commander would either receive a made up Z-Leader rank like those mentioned above or just a regular rank from the Wehrmacht or Waffen-SS. So what rank does someone need to be a tank commander? My guess would be 1st Lieutenant and above (i.e. Oberleutnant or SS-Obersturmführer) but actually I don't know.

    Oh, btw, your last picture reminded me of something stupid:
    "What do you do with a blue zombie?"

  6. Is this a trick question? I give up, what do you do with a Blue Zombie?

    Or do you mean why in the heck are my Zombies blue? I dunno, I just started getting in the habit of making my Zeds skin a ghastly bluish tint. There is so much grey in everything else I always liked the bluish color best.

  7. --- Is this a trick question? I give up, what do you do with a Blue Zombie? ---

    "You try to cheer it up!" *harhar!* :o)

    OK, OK, that stupid joke is from a children's book...sorry, but I had to do that.

    I like that blue way more than undead orcs in rotting flesh green. I just ruined my last zombie skin by adding too much purple ink on the blue-grey-skin colour mixture. Still searching for a simple, repeatable zed-skin painting procedure.

  8. OK you need to let real life know there are people waiting to read your next batrep!

    Seriously though, not only are your batreps great reads, they've motivated me to paint up a bunch of zombies, print out some WWGames terrain, and buy ATZ:BDTZ.

    These people should be paying you commission.

    Now that the lovefest is over, get back to awesome batreps! But please try to refrain from too many more NUTS! batreps because I haven't even played a game of ATZ yet and I'm already itching to pick up NUTS! thanks to this blog.

  9. You're absolutely right, I need to tell RL to go jump in the lake. I'm itching to do some more batreps myself so I will try to get one going soon. We have been playing so many THW games that lately I am finding that we can slip from one to the other without hardly noticing and that we are frequently mixing elements from many games together. Our current game is actually a big melding of ATZ, Nuts, and 5150 all wrapped up in one with ATZ being our mainstay and just grabbing what we want from the other games. This is what is so great about Ed's games, they are just so pliable, easy, and fun!

  10. Pudson said: "Seriously though, not only are your batreps great reads, they've motivated me to paint up a bunch of zombies, print out some WWGames terrain, and buy ATZ:BDTZ.

    These people should be paying you commission."

    Quoted for truth! Your batreps motivated me to start working on my ATZ stuff again and stop beeing distracted by other things. My Multiple-Projects-Syndrome is way better now, almost 100% ATZ...just some small distraction because of BlackScorpions gorgeous pirate miniatures and because of the 5150 Book 2 Batrep in the THW Yahoo group.

  11. Did you say Pirate Miniatures!? Oooh, that is really high on my agenda. I'm going looking for these that you mentioned.
    I have to chuckle about the focusing bit because I focus about as good as my ten year old. The only thing that I have finally focused on this past year is rules and it has made our gaming life really good. We still flip flop around different periods but now the rules are so playable that we can actually do it and have great games. We really finish almost all our games and this is a novel experience for many gamers. This is why I'm such a huge THW junkie. Are the rules perfect? No. But darned close with a little personalizing.
    Btw, do you have a blog up?

  12. I have no blog. Well, actually yes, I do have a blog webspace, but I didn't write more than one small article about creating a squad for some Nuts! games. RL leaves not enough time for that. But things are getting better: the Evil Miniature Company from Nottingham lost it's hold on me, PC gaming is boring so I am able too invest more time in important things (Zombies?!)again. I have a two year old son, so I guess I have about 6 to 8 years to finish a satisfying zombie horde :o)

    I think those Black Scorpion pirate miniatures including the undead and other fantasy pirates are some of the most beautiful miniatures around. I can imagine backgorund stories and gaming scenarios just by looking at them.
    They are larger than 28mm miniatures. I wouldn't use them together with Foundry or Artizan pirates, but that's just me and I know that some people do.

  13. Don't kid yourself, you have about 4 years at most before you must be ready! A recommendation: Get yourself a copy of Heroscape Master Set #1 the original before it goes out of print. It is a good deal with lots of terrain and miniatures already painted. If you shop carefully you can get it for around 30.00 USD. The expansions are not always a good deal so pay attention. When your boy is about 5 or 6 get him started with this game, it will give him a solid start and it is actually a good game you won't mind playing. Some of the figs can even be used for THW type games. You must begin the indoctrination early! He will then bring many friends into the gaming circles and you will be very busy playing referee and gaming.

  14. Ah, I see that you did plan this very carefully. Even your wife has been gaming. Do you sometimes have a white cat on your lap and practice evil laughter? ;o)

    I just googled around for the Heroscape Master Set #1. It's expensive here in Germany, but I don't think I need it that much. My multiple-project-syndrome has left me with a lot of miniatures from every fictional background possible...and some more. They aren't beautiful, but some of them will still work. It's just that there are so many fantastic miniatures around nowadays.

    4 years?! I think I better prepare some fantasy badgers, frogs and squirrels. I foresee a reluctant enthusiasm to Zombies and Survivors with Shotguns, Hatchets and whatever. That is to say not by my son, he would love them.

  15. You remind me of something. Zombies can be scary for kids so watch out. Mine are 9 and 10 and even after playing several months now they are still a bit worried about Zeds. They even use the buddy system at night if they have to take out the garbage or something. Nick got so scared for a while he wouldn't sleep by himself.
    And yes, sometimes I do just sit and pet my white cat and formulate my next endeavor.