Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Good Saturday

Herrodadog and I decided to try going to a train show to see what kind of goodies we could scav in the way of terrain/accessories.  I figured it would be too expensive for the likes of us, and for the most part I was right.  We did manage to score a couple of decent deals though.  While we were there, we saw some pretty darned amazing displays.  All we could think about is how great it would be to throw down some minis and game some of the track set ups!  Then we got some lunch and went home to play some Incursion on his new board he made from scratch.  All in all, a darned good day.
Gee wiz, what a waste using all this for trains!  Here's some piccies.
 I think this would make a great ganger camp.
 I can just imagine this as a day one scene after the Zed epidemic strikes.
 I wonder what kind of chaos and mayhem could take place in this sleepy little town?
 What better place to hit the foraging jackpot than a rice silo?
 This has skirmishing gun battle written all over it.
 The location of a post Z-day Burger King.
 This table really needs some cool minis.
 Nice strategic point for some military oriented gaming.

 I'd like to see some shine running gangsters on this table.

 After lunch I played my first ever game of Incursion as the Nazi Zombie types.  Lots of carnage and lots of fun!
This scratch built terrain that Jil made is incredible.


  1. Amazing pictures and terrain wasted on them railway nerds, good to get a game in aswell.

  2. OK - I'm in, dammit! Do they make Zombies in 10 mil?

  3. Say what you like about railway modellers but, damn, they know how to make great scenery!

  4. Man, what a post filled with great scenery! As a kid I always dreamed of having a railway setup like that. Nowadays I dream of a minis setup like that. Sadly, I'm far too lazy to build one, but I tell myself it's only lack of space, time and money which keep me from doing it.

  5. Hah! Great pictures and your comments really made me laugh. I've never looked upon model railways with the eyes of a wargamer..until now. I happen to live just about half an hour away from the world's biggest permanent model railway exhibition, but I wasn't into all this modern zombie wargaming stuff when I was there the last time.

    Incursion looks like space Hulks with Zombies.
    ...and Nazis...
    And Nazi Zombies!

    Whiteface / Oliver

  6. Ace. Itching to play out the outbreak on terrain like that. Incursion looks very cool too. Must not falter from my current path...too many distractions as it is!

  7. I actually called Herrodadog yesterday and asked him what he thought our chances were of pulling something like this off. I am definitely beyond all hope. But on the other side, he already sent me back an N scale layout system guide which means I'm not the only nut case.

  8. beautiful railway terrain, thats where I try to get my inspiration, and the Incursion terrain looks ace, top marks to your mate.

    @Lurker, hahah railway nerds... too funny, I wonder what they call us? heheh

  9. Extra: You had me laughing at this one. The good news is I can tell you what they call us: Cheap Bastards! As much as our hobby costs, it is nothing compared to these guys. Jil and I were like street urchins haggling with those guys.