Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Light Dragoons

A little squadron of light dragoons comes on the scene.  I did these right after a couple of French squadrons and I was on autopilot and painted the trumpeters in reverse facing colors.  I think I'll leave 'em and say the commander is of Norman ancestry.  The jackets look like they are in different colors because I took this in the dark.  I've got to get those lights up.  They're actually all dark blue.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Big Brothers

Here's a squadron of cuirassiers lurking about looking for their moment of glory. This is pretty typical of how a smallish size squadron looks in 1:1
Our cavalry formations all break down to troops.
We also tend to have a couple more trumpeters than would normally be present because we always wind up with too many command strips. But it makes command bases look a little more interesting.

Weekend Clash

Over the past couple of weekends we have been playtesting our rules for our 1:1 Napoleonic tactical project. I managed to take a couple of snaps but the photo quality is still pretty poor. It does give some idea of what we are trying to do though, and we have been having a blast.

At this scale muskets can start being effective at 8 to 12 in (200 to 300mm) and artillery canister range is 3 feet (900mm) !! Effective ball range can almost cover any table we can throw up at the moment and specialist rifle units are damned annoying now.

Right now we've been limited to a 4x8 foot table which is simply too small at this scale but we are in the process of putting together the next table evolution at 6x12 feet. Final plans are to eventually have a 6x24 foot table for these games. What we really need is a 12x24 but short of building a rolling scaffold and sending the kids out to move troops, I don't think we will ever solve this problem! Just the fact that I've even thought of this should show how insane we really are.


The French commander got tired of those British rifles molesting his gunners and decided to move them out. Here a Frog battalion goes forward in a full blown assault with Voltigeurs leading the way. The British commander decided it was time to pull these lads back and let his main line have a go. In this scale specialist units like Elite Rifles take on a completely new meaning from anything I have done before. It adds a lot of interesting situations to the games.

New British Sculpts

Here's a snap of some of the new Baccus figs, in this case skirmishing light infantry. I am just blown away with the quality of these castings which are the best I've seen in my 20 years of 6mm gaming. Now if I could just paint to the same quality!
The light company has deployed as the battalion moves up from reserve and prepares to deploy into line.


Squadron of British Hussars (bottom) hanging back in reserve. While elsewhere, three squadrons of Froggie cavalry are doing the same; and dearly hoping that some careless skirmishers leave the safety of the woods.
At this ground scale cavalry is interesting because it can really cover some ground fast when it wants to and we do not allow any pre-measuring of distances which makes for some fun miscalculations!


A company of the 60th has their hands full with Voltigeurs pressing the attack before the column.