Saturday, February 25, 2012

Captains Log...

It was just a matter of time.  I finally got my grubby little hands on some Star Trek minis and of course I decided the way to break them in was for the Enterprise to investigate a planet in the midst of a Zombie epidemic.  I'm really sorry that I have not had the time to batrep this, but I thought I would throw up a few pics anyway.  Rest assured, there will be many, many more adventures with the crew of the Starship Enterprise in the LTL Universe.  There is nothing so idiotic that I won't find a way to game it.  This was my first Saturday completely off of work in like 4 months and we had a blast.
Herrodadog set up a nice table I think.

The players were from left to right:  Chekov/Herrodadog, Kirk/George, Scottie/Nick, Sulu/Mark, Spock/LTL Dad.  Uhura didn't make the pic but she was played by LTL Mom.  With this crew of pro Zombie players the crew was operating too efficiently.  From now on I am switching to cheetah-fast Dawn of the Dead type Zeds as well as some specialty Zombies to make these players sweat a bit.

The crew beamed down to the surface in a random location.  Bones stayed aboard the ship.

Because of some Federation treaty malarky, the crew had to beam down without phasers so the first job was to scramble for some weapons.  It was also determined that the epidemic was contagious and Bones informed the crew they could not return to the ship without stopping the epidemic first.

About this time Sulu confirms that Zeds are not a friendly species.

So off to loot some buildings and search for answers.

The crew stays together and plows through the building fighting off Zeds at every turn.

On one of the upper floors the crew meats a group of survivors who agree to join the crew for the duration of the mission.

So back out on the streets the crew makes its way to the industrial sector.  Sulu went down but luckily regained consciousness.  Bones was brought down shortly beforehand when the crew had another close call.  With the doctor around, the chances of a crew member surviving a bad combat increase greatly.

Starting to attract attention while scampering across the parking lot.

Quick discussion on strategy while catching their breath from the last Zed attacks.

The crew decides to enter the warehouse through the upper story window.

The only trouble is that they discover there is no firestep inside the building and after some discussion we decide not to take the chance of getting hurt while dropping to the ground.  Not being able to fast move could prove disastrous.  Meanwhile, Zeds have been closing in.

So they are off to find another way in.

Carefully trying to avoid detection.

So of course a barking dog decides to roll up bringing Zeds and attracting attention.

The rather large group finally gets into the warehouse.  By the way, they picked up a couple more survivors along the way.

The small army clears the warehouse.

And discovers a mysterious control center.  Spock seems to think it could be key to this epidemic.  There are several choices of controls to monkey with, and Scottie doesn't pass enough dice to figure it all out, so the crew finally decides to just start pushing buttons.

Zeds are still milling about all over town.

One of the controls opened a secret tunnel and the crew goes down and makes there way underground.  Since I don't have a tunnel system, just use your imagination.

The crew evacuated just in time as the warehouse is now filling up with Zeds.

Holy Moly!  When Kirk pokes his head out the tunnel he sees that the streets are now covered with hordes of Zeds.  It turns out that one of the controls released several shipping containers full of these hungry zombies!

This is simply turning out to be a very bad situation.  Zeds are crawling everywhere, and the tunnel is blocked by a fairly large crowd of Zeds back in the warehouse as well.

About this time Kirk decides to abort the mission and call to be beamed up to the ship.  Since Bones is now on the surface with the rest of the desperate crew he decides that it wouldn't be so bad to take their chances with the contagion after all!  So the first mission of the Enterprise in the LTL Universe is a failure and Kirk will have to submit a damned depressing Captains log entry.  But on the bright side nobody died!  Oh, and take a look at that beautiful VW Beetle.  I've been dieing to get that puppy on a table for some time so the mission was a total success for me!  

Friday, February 24, 2012

A New LTL City

I've finally started on a project that I have been wanting to do for a couple of years now.  After acquiring some Mech Warrior type stuff I decided that the first thing to do is get the scenery down.  One of these days I will get off my horrible work schedule and start the bat reps again, and that means the terrain needs to be spiff.
I Googled for these puppies and found some good links to some nice little building pdf files that several guys have generously made available.  They are roughly 6mm scale and look quite nice.  Best of all, they are small, don't take a lot of room, and are easy to build.  What else could you ask for?
When Herrodadog comes back from his work trip we plan to pit my alien mech cultures against his modern microarmor and see if they can save the Earth!
Here is my work station with the only necessary materials.  Ruler, blade, markers, and glue.  Oh, and a cutting mat is really nice as well.

With the crazy cost of resin buildings, and the fact that I can't paint buildings worth a damn, this is a no brainer solution for me.

All the buildings and road pieces in these pictures took me about 3 hours to print, cut out, and build.  I can't even imagine what this would have cost in resin, and how long it would have taken.  So if you need small scale terrain, once again, paper to the rescue.