Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Angels 20 First Day Out

This upcoming week should see the finish of my huge project at work and the 80+ hour work weeks.  Nonetheless, I still have managed a bit of gaming and even a small amount of work on my Mech City project.  I just uploaded a temporary intersection for the streets http://www.box.com/s/lqcylf4l6xk5x31tk9o8 but I am planning to do some rework on all the roads soon and then on to getting serious about getting the city going for real.
Here are some pics from an Angels 20 game I played with George a while back.  Angels 20 looks to be a great game.  Lots of brain candy and maneuver for you sneaky types, and the models are great.  They also work very well for scenery props and other games like Axis and Allies and Flames of War.  It is still easy to play and plays fast.  I like it a lot and recommend it.

George's two Wildcats up against my two Zekes.  I started off strong and was definitely getting the better of the maneuver game.  I was spending a lot of time on his "six".

Here I am on his tail again.  I love the Zero in the foreground.  What a nice looking plane.

My problem was that my gunnery wasn't any good.  I got a lot of shots but couldn't manage to score any good hits through his heavier fuselages and eventually I started giving up shots to him.

I became so determined to finish one of his Cats up that I started taking chances.  This is not really a good idea in a Zero.  While it is agile etc..  it doesn't take a lot of abuse.  This Conga train I got going here is not recommended for the Japanese player!

Pitching, rolling, climbing, diving etc.. is all core to the game and important.  The bases in Angels 20 work very well.

Eventually I screwed around long enough and George started rolling his normal par, and one of my Zekes goes down.  These models are great for dramatizing some cool effects and photos!  Oh well, US Navy 1, IJN 0.  I'll get him next time!