Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sharp's Escape - Episode 2

In the first episode we left Sharp and his lads as they just fled into a cave with the French army hot on their trail.  Let's look in on them and see what they are up to.

*Warning*- If you are a historical purist who can abide no foolishness, it is probably best if you close your browser now.   I don't want to see any gripes on TMP, it is damned difficult for me to classify my reps!

I suppose some explanation is in order before continuing.  In the first post I mentioned we were testing some experimental skirmish and campaign rules we are compiling to handle universal gaming  situations.  The Sharp's Escape series is my vehicle for this purpose.  Most gamers have cool toys sitting around collecting dust that do not get any, or enough play time.  As I'm never one to shy away from something due to issues of "realism" (or sanity for that matter), I told the guys to show up with any miniatures, from any time period, with NO restrictions.  For test purposes I thought Sharp would make an interesting guinea pig.
Here is an overview of the rules:
1. Sharp must survive.  
2. He loses points for losing named heroes, gains points for collecting wenches, and gains points for "kills".
3. Every time Sharp goes through a gate, we roll to see if he makes it home.  If not, we roll off and the winner gets to decide where Sharp lands and who he must pit his skills against.  No restrictions, any time, any place.
4. Terrain and hostiles are randomly generated and he must cross the table to gain the next gate.
You get the idea.  There are simply no rules which handle this scope of gaming so we have been creating our own.  Now back to the rep!


  1. Very good! Those BA monsters look fantastic!

  2. Truly inspired! Willy, I expected nothing less from you and you certainly didn't disappoint!

  3. Now they're in trouble. Where is the Doctor?

  4. We have certainly been having fun with this. Writing the reps is always fun with this sort of goofiness as well.

    Unfortunately the Doctor is "out".

  5. That scenarios was very fun to play. I figured the Legere were dead meat anyway so decided to fight rather than run. I imagine the orcs either couldn't shoot straight from laughing so hard or amazed at the stupidity of even fighting!! And when the orc player dropped the champion... HAHA! Hmm, do we stand here to wait to see what he does or do we gang up on him? muhaha!!

  6. Sorry for being long winded but it's hard to share the fun in just a sentence. :)

    Some of the 'rules' for the Orcs:
    1) Each group, each turn had to test for hatred of the other groups.
    2) The mounts were hard to control so had to test to be able to move they way they wanted.
    3) The buzz saw moved random direction and distance

    I thought the special rules made it a ton of fun.

  7. Sorry for not catching it, but what over-all rules system are you using for this? Always love playing "all the toys in the box" games.

  8. Macavity: This one is hard to explain. We are using a home brew set of rules that is a bit off the beaten path but works well. I am planning to post the game engine at some point but have been very busy lately. I'll try to get back on it in the near future and I'll post on this site.

  9. Haha, the runaway saw is great! This batrep is pure unadulterated chaos...the fun part of chaos, not the part with lots of skulls and spikes.

    "Don't lose the wench!" Couldn't say it better than this.

    Whiteface / Oliver

  10. I just found this now from your post on TMP, but it's a hoot, and the fumetti-style cartoon captions make it even better! Please keep these coming!

  11. Wow, just imagine Sharp(e) in different times and universes.
    Like a character from one of Michael Moorcocks novels.