Monday, August 15, 2011

Lazy Saturday FoW

Got some time off from work and got to play a bunch this weekend.  Most of the group was busy so us stragglers decided to play some FoW and just chill out.  Then I had a bright idea; "Hey George, let's do late 45 and Patton gets to rearm the Krauts.  I'll be the Yanks, let Dave be the Germans, and you be the Russkies".  Well, let's just say that I got what I deserved!
Some of Dave's Germans advancing on our right.

Here are some of my Shermies motoring into an ambush.

My Sherman 105 support tanks in the center.

And here's the result of my getting ambushed on the left.

While I'm getting my ass kicked, Dave's rearmed Germans are taking names on the right.

He's pushing the Russians pretty hard.

Fortunately, Russian air support was not so good!

After demolishing my easy eights, the T-34/85s went to work on my 105s. 

My infantry heads for cover and starts praying.

Dave begins to close on the objective.

This was not one of my better days.  To prove it, here is where I sent my halftracks up the middle to engage infantry in support of Dave, but forgot there was no integral crew for the 50 cals.  So I just wound up driving around and not shooting at anything!

Just as Dave got close to the objective, he discovers a couple million more T-34s hovering about.  (we ran out of tanks and had to proxy some old Valentines)

And then the final ugliness.  Dave was overwhelmed by all the Russians who had nothing better to do.