Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Gladiator Insanity

Anyone who has followed my gaming exploits already knows that nothing is sacred, and that I am capable of any foolishness.  This includes raiding the kids toy boxes in search of cool stuff to game with.  Well this time, I have found the ultimate loot.  Gladiators in 1:20 scale!  Put these bad boys on a Hotz mat with 4" hexes and you got some great arena combat action.
This Roman Centurion was disgraced in an action along the Rhine and has found himself in the arena!

One of his legionaires was in the wrong place at the wrong time as well.

A Greek warrior who refused to join the Pax Romana.

A regular at the arena in Capua.
This Minotaur fell alseep on the job one day and woke up in the arena.

A beast man from the darkest regions of Africa.  A Lanista must have a paid a lot for this one.

Tiger man is sure to be a crowd pleaser as well.
Could Croc man be the ultimate fighting machine?

Rhino man looks like he could be good in a punch up as well.

I bet Ram man can perform an admirable shield bash!
Of course with all these heavy weights in the arena, there will be need of some vultures very soon.


  1. He's waiting to see who the winner is from this lot.

  2. Wooooaaaah!! I so wanna be Rhino man!! Pleeease!

  3. In that case, I bags Tiger Man!

    These are just brilliant!

  4. When I saw these I just knew that I had found a new purpose for life. Coming up with the special moves and attributes is half the fun.
    Of course the cats will have some sort of leap, and Rhino and Ram will have teeth jarring shield bash and crushing blows.
    For Croc man so far we got tail whip and lock and roll.
    I just wish I could find "Weasel Man" so we would have a personal figure for Nick.

  5. Those are great, I bags the Minotaur.

  6. LOL - I have another version of the legionary, so if it came down to it, I'd have to be the foot-slogger!

  7. Bags Lion man. These are pretty cool!!!!