Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ludis Gladatorius

What I can't believe is that Blogger finally let me upload pictures again.  I can tell you that not being able to upload photos to the page is a real bummer.  I'm still on a hellish work schedule and will probably be so throughout this month so there won't be any big games for a little while longer.  The good news is that I still find time to get some sort of gaming in, and the great group of guys we have has been reliable and a lot of fun.  This past weekend we played Crossfire, Iliad, and Ludis Gladatorius by EM4.  This is the prepainted set of miniatures that comes with some simple rules and dice etc..  Ready to play out of the box.  Mike had picked it up and so I finally had a chance to try it out.  I must say we all had a lot of fun!  Here's some piccies.  This is a great game for trash talking.
Team fight with both sides taking a quick breather.  I think I was playing the lad in the baby blues.  My memory is a bit foggy because there was beer involved.

One of my rare moments of glory.  Right before Mike came back to kick me arse.

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Not a lot of honor in this group.  They never mind ganging up on some unfortunate contestant.

And this is what usually happens.

In the end, there can only be one.  This time around the Emperor was not in a merciful mood.


  1. I actually had a real good time with this game. At least I was next to last to die. I like the the way the game mechanics work. Can't wait for the campaign. Lvdvs Batiatvs will rule all.

  2. Looking good, Willy! I like this rule system as well. The pre-painted figures are a real bonus.

  3. Yea this was a fun game, everything you need in box. BTW.... Last Gladiator Standing!!

  4. It is definitely worth the dosh. Especially for these times when you need something easy and fun to play.
    Chris, enjoy your moment in the sun laddie, you got a target on you now.